Tea Party Supports Teachers Accused of Sprinkling Athiest

What did she actually say that denigrated christianity?

If anyone speaking for the Tea Party Movement did give validity to this, they were stepping out of bounds. I thought the The Party Movement supported getting our political voice back. They have nothing, or should have nothing to do with religion. How ridiculous!!!

The story doesn’t give a transcript of the classroom discussion but it does say this:

In response to one student’s remark that the disaster in Haiti happened because of God’s wrath on the island nation over a pact its leaders made with Satan more than 200 years ago, Rodriguez reportedly began refuting Christianity.

Point is - this atheist teacher, according to the witnesses, was not sprinkled with anything, much less holy water.

So many people are jumping up and down in outrage about ‘How dare they throw a liquid on this poor teacher’ when it didn’t happen. They have judged these 2 teachers guilty before being proven innocent.

So, you want Christians to condemn these two teachers for something they didn’t do?

Linda Marie, how are you today?

We don’t know the context or even the words the athiest teacher said.
We have some witnesses who have not been cross examined that have related their statements about what happened.

Here is the tricky part Linda Marie. We don’t know if the witnesses statements are indeed factual. Or, if they are going to be consistant over cross examination.

Do you believe every witness statement that is not held under oath or subject to cross examination in a court of law?

If so, I applaud your faith in anyone’s statements about any event on anything. Apply this logic to life and I think you will see how this would not be a viable means of gauging accuracy from personal testimonials.

I couldn’t agree with you more elts1956. I couldn’t say that enough.:slight_smile:

I’m very much better today, thank you, Strawberry Jam. I’m just getting over pneumonia.

So, why do you believe the atheist teacher when she says that a couple of Baptist teachers sprinkled her with holy water when Baptists have no use whatsoever for holy water and most likely wouldn’t be caught dead with it on their persons?

What makes you disbelieve those who say that the Baptist teacher merely held up a small bottle of an indeterminate liquid from the doorway of the classroom after someone made a comment about sprinkling?

How about we don’t condemn anyone until we determine the truth of the matter?

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