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I’m undecided. If you have read any of my other posts I’m going back to school to become a teacher. I’m majoring in early childhood and elementary education. I’m very excited to be starting school August 20th. I joined the Church this past Easter and want to get involved some how. Not really sure where though. I thought about seeing if they need any help with Sunday school. I want to teach 2nd grade or younger. I think that would be a good experience for me to start out with doing a Sunday School class. That might even help me in the long run get a good teaching job…maybe in a Catholic school…

Not sure if I posted in the right area…Please move if this is the wrong place! :smiley:


Call the DRE today! I know that we so need help with CCD here. 1st and 2nd grade are very important, that is pre-1st Communion and those kids are so honest and sweet. It is rewarding and tough and if you are called - answer that call.


So is this a call? I guess I just want stuff to hit me like a bolt of lightening.

The reason I chose this major is from help from a Catholic magazine. The dioceses in OK sends out a newspaper and it lists job openings and I just happened to open it to the job pages and see a all the job openings for teachers! Thats when I decided to become a teacher.

Now the dumb question…I’m new so sorry for my stupid question…What does DRE and CCD mean? :o


DRE is the Director of Religious Education. This person is in charge of CCD (Catholic Sunday School, PRE - Parish Religious Ed - or by any other name) for your Parish, name and number should be on your Sunday bulletin, if not just call up the Parish office and ask to speak to the D.R.E.

A call can be that teeny little whisper :slight_smile:


I taught CCD for 6 years and enjoyed it. We have a teacher and an aid in each class room with about 15 children per room. I was lucky and the gentleman that worked with my husband also taught and we teamed up together so that one person taught one week and the other the next week. We taught 2 - 5th grades, moving up a grade each year with his son. 4th grade was definitely my favorite year. Our program had us teaching the 10 Commandments and the children were at the point where they were thinking and asking great questions which made it fun and challenging.

May God bless you with courage and graces to make your decision.


Given your recent health issue, and just starting college this fall - please pray on this to be sure it’s what you need to do.

College is very daunting and tough especially in that freshmen year. I would recommend putting your time, attention, faith and all your focus into that process and make some great grades at least for the first full year.

After that, if you still feel like you need to get invovled, then see if helping out with the kids is what you need to do. Also, as you continue your faith journey you may find other areas in the church to help out with that might fit your needs and won’t distract you from studying. Don’t worry they will still need you and want you a year from now if thats what you want to do. Good luck and God bless.


Well, as someone who is a mom, works outside the home 50+ hours per week, I find that an extra 1 1/2 hours on Sunday to be a gift I lovingly give back to the Church.

Lesson prep is done during the week, that is another hour.

Not exactly something that would cause a college student to flunk out :slight_smile:


yup that is usally how “the call” comes, no bolt of lightening, but announcement in church bulletin, friend suggesting you do it with her, couple of moms stepping forward to cover a class for their own children’s ages.

please call your parish now and volunteer because they will probably be having orientation and trainings in Aug. for classes usually begin in Sept. this will be an excellent internship for your studies. strongly urge you to recruit a friend, or get one of the parents once your class is established, to help you. I can think of no better way to build on your recent learning about the faith and to strengthen the commitment you have made.

welcome home, and welcome to the wonderful world of CCD (Confraternity of Christian Doctrine), or PSR (Parish School of Religion) or CCE (Continuing Christian Education) or whatever it is called in your parish.

one of the most critical thing you will be learning in your education major is lesson planning, and the second is classroom management, CCD will be invaluable training in both. and may actually boost employability down the line since you can show some experience. Count an hour of prep for every hour in the classroom. Going in unprepared is like walking in front of a firing squad, don’t even consider it.


I would advise against teaching Sunday school or having anything to do with such a thing. It seems to me that CCD is used by parents as a way of outsourcing their duty to teach their children the faith. Rather than participate in this willful abdication of responsibility, I would advise putting such free time to a more productive and less spiritually treacherous end, such as prayer before the Blessed Sacrament.


The purpose of CCD, etc. is to assist the parents in their duty to train their children in the practice of their faith. Not every parent is able to perform this awesome task completely alone - that’s why we have a Church, and why the Church offers educational opportunities.


Those individuals who feel themselves unequal to the task of raising children in the faith ought to use their prudential judgment to reassess the wisdom of having children in the first place.


If only perfect people were allowed to have children, Adam and Eve would have had to abstain, and then where would we be? :shrug:

I thought the whole point of the Church was people working together and helping each other, so that not every person has to have every single gift, and be completely autonomous.


It’s great that you want to help, Keri. I recommend that you do NOT teach the second grade religious ed. class while you’re so new – because of the experience required in preparing the 7-year-olds for their first Eucharist. It’s good that you want to gain teaching experience, but please match your skill and knowledge level to the needs of the students. Please put their needs before yours.

Perhaps you can assist the second grade teacher. This route may very well reenforce you as a new Catholic!


Maybe I should have said my origional post different. I don’t want to just jump in and have an entire class of little ones. I want to do an assistant thing first. Than later if I want to do something alone I will have the background.


I disagree. the parish has two major duties, sacramental life and evangelization, and CCD, Sunday School etc. are part of that duty. No parish can duck that resonsibility. These programs are meant to assist the parents in this role, not replace them. If you have issues with how such programs are run in your own parish, become part of the solution, don’t ignore the problem.


Don’t listen to the nay sayers. Pray about this and if you feel called to it, go for it! I co-teach 3rd grade and it’s a wonderful experience. The kids are a riot! It does take some time from your schedule, but not a lot; it’s worth it!

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