Teacher fired for "traditional family values", suit alleges


Rather salacious headline but a very threatening story if the suit’s claims have merit:
“Lesbian boss ‘fired me for being straight’”

Key points of the suit:
<Krieger allegedly forced him to coach three sports, even though his contract only required him to join two teams, according to his reverse discrimination suit.
When he complained that the extra responsibilities interfered with his family obligations Krieger allegedly told him, “We all make choices,” the suit says.>

<He says three other married coaches with young children were also sacked. Kenney was replaced by a gay female, according to court papers.>

<On at least one occasion Kenney was dissuaded from attending social events with his peers because he was a heterosexual, married male with children, who wouldn’t fit in with [Krieger’s] ‘culture.’>

Again, this is a suit, not a finding, and it may very well emerge that he was fired for well-documented reasons pertaining to poor performance.

This does remind me, however, of when a family member was passed over for promotion by her Latina boss for a relative of the boss’s, who had less experience and was less qualified (ie, the position asked for an MA and the applicant hadn’t finished college yet). When she complained, she was fired and replaced with another Latina (not related). My relative sued for racial discrimination and settled out of court with the school.

That married teachers were fired by a lesbian and replaced with at least one other lesbian (alleged in the suit) doesn’t help the school’s defense, nor does it help the school if it’s found that the administrator was indeed asking him to do something beyond his contract and dismissed after he complained. That differs from non-contract work (like mine) where I can’t complain about too many hours or being told to take out the trash or travel at a moment’s notice (not that they have asked). If he can prove a culture of harassment (ie, that bringing his wife and kids isn’t appropriate at a school function but gay teachers were encouraged to bring partners - something I haven’t found alleged but it’s an example) his case will be very strong.

In any event, it’s good to know that gays aren’t above lashing back at heterosexuals the way that gays used to be discriminated against.


Sort of, although I’d rather that discrimination stop rather than more and more people indulging in it. :frowning:


That is really interesting. It wouldn’t surprise me if its true. I hope that’s not the real reason he was fired though.


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