Teacher in California Bullies Student for Saying Bible Is Nonfiction (an account of what happened)


see www.christianpost.com/news/teacher-bullies-student-for-saying-bible-is-nonfiction-legal-group-responds-106497/


What a shame. If the teacher didn't want the kids to read the Bible, he could have simply said, "Oh, I should have mentioned religious texts don't count for this assignment. It's fine for today, but from now on, please choose a nonfiction, non-religious text."

But no, the teacher had to make a spectacle out of it. Seems pretty irresponsible and immature to me.


I’m not at all surprised by this incident, as it seems, sadly, that everything postmodern goes in CA.

I am more surprised that, according to the same article, a comparable incident occurred in TN. The Bible Belt! Really!



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