Teacher removed for "dangerous" science projects



L.A. Unified School District administrators have told Schiller that he was removed from his classroom six weeks ago for “supervising the building, research and development of imitation weapons,” said union representative Roger Scott.

School administrators did not respond to inquiries. District officials said they could not comment on an ongoing probe.

“As far as we can tell, he’s being punished for teaching science,” said Warren Fletcher, president of United Teachers Los Angeles


Schiller, 43, also was the teachers union representative on the campus and had been dealing with disagreements with administrators over updating the employment agreement under which the faculty works. His suspension, with pay, removed him from those discussions.


Maybe it was more about this.


Whereas I once had an actual marshmallow fight in AP Physics once. The teacher even brought out a PVC marshmallow cannon to attack us.


Even if the gun shoots small marshmallows, would it matter, probably not?
So how does one teach about the force of air pressure?

Now the students have another study period and they wonder why students are under achieving?

The expensive Grand Avenue arts high school has a troubled brief history, including repeated administrative and staff turnover.



The guy should have realised that anything designed to expel projectiles is a "gun"in today’s world.

I remember science projects including mini volcanoes that had to be well ventilated due to the chemicals mixed to produce the eruptions, small-scale catapults, &c.


I remember when I was in a high school physics class. A General Atomics engineer came in and shot us with an air gun. Messed up my hair.


The final project for my high school physics class was to document how we would build and use a nuclear weapon. Bonus points to detailing how to get the material, refine it, and what the cost would be for everything.

Excellent learning experience, and one that I’m sure would be banned today. Plus side, I now know how to build an atomic bomb given enough U235, a two-story house, and a sewer pipe. :thumbsup:


Someone just volunteered for an all expenses paid trip to Gitmo! :eek:


I’ve always wanted to visit the Caribbean. :smiley:


I had more than one science teacher in high school who liked to light things on fire. We also had a final project in physics that involved my teacher bringing in a bunch of dollar store guns for us to calculate their spring constants… I’m glad I didn’t go to school in LA. How lame.:smiley:


I remember one chemistry project where we created a toxic brown gas from two liquids or other material. Those had to be done outside, of course.


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