Teacher, what would you do?


If you were a public school teacher, and one of your student’s family, worships satan, and brings a satanic symbol to class, what would you do?


Go to the principal for clarification, and bring a crucifix if they allow the student to keep the satanic symbol.


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I’ve been a public school teacher. I don’t think any of my students or their families were actually Satanists, but you can bet some kids (high school) thought it was fun to say or bring all kinds of horrible things to school.


I would consult the student handbook. If religious symbols are banned at school, then I would follow the proper procedures.

If, like most schools my son attended, religious symbols are permitted, I would do nothing (as I would for the Christian who wore a cross, the Jewish student who wore a star of David, etc.)


Ignore it. (Unless I was forced by a rule to do something, but I’d have to know about the rule already. I would not search for a rule).


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