Teachers in Catholic schools


Ok, I might be opening up a whole can of worms here but I have to ask…

What are your opinions/thoughts about a homosexual teacher in a Catholic school?


If it is known that they are active homosexuals, then the teacher should no longer be employed at that school. That being said, I have know and taught with homosexual teachers before (these were Catholic schools) and everyone knew they were active homosexuals living with their partners.


If they are open about it they should not be allowed to teach in a Catholic School.


Many Catholic schools have requirements that all teachers be faithful and practicing Catholics. This is the ideal and would preclude an active homosexual being employed.

Other schools, either because they want to be more inclusive or have a real need to open up the applicant pool, hire non-Catholics but even these usually have a “morals clause” that states that an employee cannot act or speak in a manner that is against the teaching of the Church. An active homosexual could not be hired by a school like this either.

If the school has none of the above policies, it is likely not actually a Catholic school at all but rather a (possibly good) private school using a Catholic name and possibly also receiving support from the Church.


I forgot to add the one homosexual teacher I had worked with at a Catholic school was a Catholic and a Theology Teacher.


I have the similar thoughts about that as I have about heterosexual teachers. Teachers set examples for children and should not openly expose their sins. Theology teachers in Catholic school should believe and try their best to live the Catholic Church teachings on *all *matters.

A Catholic teacher with homosexual tendencies but who understands and believes the Church teachings and who lives a chaste life (key point!) is better than an openly defiant heterosexual. Any teacher who openly defies Church teachings should not be entrusted with teaching in Catholic schools. I hold this opinion for any subject, but think it even more important for theology teachers.


i was going to say most of this yesterday, but waited for somebody to say it better than I. Then came you…nice job. :thumbsup:


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