Teachers lap dancing

Well this recently happened, not sure if it was already talked about.

Here is a link if you need to find out:

Anyways, In my opinion the teachers should be fired. I find it unacceptable, but not suprising… However I don’t know all the circumstances, so maybe I’m being to harsh. :shrug:


No, you aren’t being harsh. That is unacceptable.

“Simulating oral sex”? That’s just disturbing.

It’s even more disturbing for me because when I think of teachers, I think of the teachers I had: Old ladies and men.


A lot of people are saying they shouldn’t be fired (look at the comments on the page). That is stupid, they should be. :mad:

Winnipeg is my home town and I find it almost impossible to believe that these two cretins would do that.They should be fired.

so wrong! what the heck were they thinking? and even more what are they teaching our kids?

As a former teacher, I would be embarrassed to admit I taught beside 2 people who would conduct themselves in such a manner. They should be fired!! There is no excuse for their behavior. I would not want them teaching **any **children in any school district if this is their idea of acceptable behavior.

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