Teaching 2nd Grade Faith Formation


May God be with you!

I am teaching 2nd Grade Faith formation this year becuase my daughter is in it and I wanted to be a more integral part of her education.

My question: do any of your have good visual/tactile projects or lessons you have used to help 2nd Graders learn about Reconciliation and 1st Communion?

Also- any other ideas or links for class projects and lessons.

God bless you!





Your DRE should have a list of things that are approved by your diocise for use in CCD/RE. For Sacremental Prep years, there will likely be even more specifics. Some of the publishers for approved series have web sites with extra ideas/information.

In our Parish, cathecists may use our approved series (Faith and Life from Ignatius Press), the CCC and the Bible - anything else we want to use has to be reviewed by the DRE. If you have a choice, I would highly reccomend Faith and Life :thumbsup: .


My DS is in Grade 2 and will be receiving his 1st holy communion this December (special request).
So Our Parish priest gave me 2 books to follow in preparing him.
They are really nice ( sort of a workbook… ds gets to write and draw in it)


first thanks be to God for you and all the others who have responded to the Holy Spirit and undertaking this vital ministry.

we have CCD here, rather than Faith formation (too long for me to type on all our paperwork) but I made something the first year I taught 2nd grade and have used it for years: flash cards.

I use 5x8 cards and cut out pictures from religious magazines, calandars and greeting cards (a have a whole file of these pix I have saved thru the years by the way).

I have a set on the sacraments, a set on the Mass that goes all the way from Sunday, Sabbath, gathering, priest, people who help with liturgy, through the entrance rite all they way thru the parts of the Mass to the dismissal and going forth into the world. I have a set on reconciliation, commandments, beatitudes (like a few pictures illustrating each virtue or command).

not very hi-tech but they were fun to make, the kids love them because using them for testing is a game, and the other catechists borrow them all the time. I am currently working on mysteries of the rosary.


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