Teaching 5th Graders About Jesus' Divinity and Humanity


In next week’s CCD class, we will be discussing the Nativity story, the birth of Jesus, the prophesy of Simeon, and really focusing on the fact that Jesus was fully Divine yet fully human. I would love to come up with a short project that I can give to the kids (5th graders) for them to work with in groups. Does anyone have any ideas of projects that have to do with the Incarnation? Thank you! I appreciate your response!

  • SnowAngels

Wow- I have not a clue.

In my class I start with Mary being his momma and God the Father being his Father, and develop that over the rest of the year…never considered a group or individual project to teach the Incarnation.

Thank you for your concern! I just kept the lesson very simple, but animated, and I had a great class! :thumbsup:

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