Teaching a 6 Year Old Why Christ Died


My husband and I are putting together a plan today for how we’re going to live Lent in our home. We have a 4 year old daughter and 6 year old son. How do we explain to our son why Christ died for us? I have no idea how to put it in terms that he can understand. Tuesday I’ll see our parish DRE so I was going to see his advice as well but I would welcome input from the CAF members.

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When Adam and Eve sinned in the Garden of Eden and disobeyed God, it broke all human souls. That is called original sin. All humans have that broken part in their soul. Baptism washes away the sin of Adam and Eve from our souls, but we are still broken inside and disobey God. Because we are sinners, we couldn’t enter Heaven to be with God. Jesus gave his own life to pay the price for our sins. Jesus is both God and human. When he went back to Heaven to be with his Father, he opened the gate of Heaven so that all other humans could follow Him.

How’s that? I think my nine and seven year olds would be able to understand that.


I think this is a major sticking point for many parents.

Actually even a very young children understands how some one that loves them would give his life while trying to save them. They see or hear stories about firefighters, police, soldiers, etc that put their own lives in danger to help others. And they understand the idea of someone stepping in and offering to take the place of someone else that would otherwise get hurt.

What children have to understand to know why Jesus died for us is that we have been placed in terrible, deadly danger by sin. In fact it is so dangerous that Jesus had to step in and save us.

Most of us prefer to tell children that Jesus died because he loves us. And it’s true. But we often wish we could leave out the part about sin.


Try getting some good Catholic children’s books and videos.

Ignatius has the Image of God books, that start with Preschool.


www.getfed.com has many resources, a good Catholic children’s Bible for nighttime reading…


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