Teaching at a Catholic High School


What kind of degree should one obtain in order to teach theology at a Catholic High School? Well I guess that’s kind of obvious; it should probably be theology, but should a degree in catechetics be considered over theology? Or would a double major be a good idea? Also, does the college one attends matter? Is it preferable that an orthodox Catholic college is where the degree is obtained from? Or would any Catholic College suffice?



Oh yes, the college will matter depending on:

where you want to teach. Call around and ask what the administration would consider a good college, as well as the teachers and the community where you want to live and work.

and how much you are interested in teaching the Catholic faith to all? Many schools have very loose catechesis and need a kind but firm teacher to help the kids “catch up” on their catechism. It would be important to be able to reach all the spectrum of Catholics.


Thanks. I’ll do that, soon. It still need to do some thinking; I’m mainly trying to gather general information now. It’s kind of difficult; I think I’m on a slightly incompatible path. The desire to work in the theology department at a Catholic High School came kind of randomly. I’ve been trying to ignore the desire, since what I’ve done in high school has me in a completely different direction. The thing is that this desire is becoming stronger and I can’t ignore it. As time goes on it become progressively more appealing and what I had planned becomes less so. I guess I need to do more research. :slight_smile:

Thanks again for the reply. I found it helpfull.


From my understanding of career exploration,don’t worry. Careers change these days, jobs change, people change. Perhaps seek your first interest, do a minor or 2nd major in your second interest. Later on, you may discover a fusion of your two different interests. Good luck.


It depends what subject you are teaching in a Catholic high school. If you are teaching religion, than a degree in the Catholic faith would be necessary. If you are teaching math or science, I don’t think a degree in the Catholic faith would be necessary.


Since I'll need a theology major; how would the University of Portland be? Can I expect there theology department to be orthodox?


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