Teaching Children the Faith


Does anyone have any suggestions for teaching about the faith whether it is either online training or materials that have to be ordered?


The Baltimore Catechism(St.Joseph) is offered for children in grade school.Its a great resource and can be purchased for about $4.00 from Aquinas and Moore.


Try Seton Homestudy School. www.setonhome.org We use their curriculum for our homeschool. They have very good religion books.

Also, don’t forget the power of examples of living out the faith. I have books about the saints for my kids. They really enjoy hearing their stories. And make sure to go over the Bible stories with the kids, especially the ones that go along with the Sunday readings.


If you go to www.ignatius.com, or Adoremus Books (can’t remember the website) or www.ascensionpress.com you can order anything that looks interesting. There are other sites as well - maybe someone else can list some.

I have not read them but the Amy Welborn Prove It! books have been recommended on here.

And I also second the Baltimore Catechism.

I think it all depends on how much you want to rely on materials. I find it much easier to have books and DVDs to work from - so I can see myself buying a lot!



has good stuff.

I like to go over this list with the kids


I like these materials, too.



I am excited to begin using he Apostalate’s Family Catechism at www.familycatachism.com they have a book and it is available on line.
I also use Our Word Among us for Bible Study.
The best however, is living the faith…


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