Teaching Confirmation

I have been asked to teach Confirmation to my Parish teens this year. I was given paperwork on what is needed for them to be Confirmed, but have not recieved any direction on what they need to be tought. Does anyone know of a good book or two?


B. Edwards

A couple of things you need to take into consideration.
First are you teaching junior high candidates or senior high candidates?

Second your Diocese probably already has guidelines for curriculum for teaching the Sacraments. What needs to be taught and prehaps what programs are highly recommended by your Diocese. BTW - if your Diocese has highly recommend curriculum for Sacramental preparation - that usually means - required. I found all this out the hard way.

I suggest you begin at your Diocesan Office - your are better off to use their adivse, rather than using what I would recommend. Not sure about your Diocese - some Diocese are fairly guarded about parishes using programs that have not been approved by the Diocesan Curriculum Committee.

begin with the diocese, they probably have approved programs or guidelines of what should be covered.

questions for you:.
age level of your group
beginners, or those being confirmed this year.
have they attended Catholic school, or have they been attending CCD/RE/PSR before this year?
are you responsible for the whole bag, everything they need to know: creed, sacraments and liturgy, moral life, scripture and prayer
OR simply for immediate prep for the sacrament.
what were they supposed to have learned last year?
what was covered?

The St. Joseph Confirmation book from Catholic Book Publishers (be exact in ordering) contains prayers and practices, rite for confirmation, and the basics of what they need, priced under $5 each in bulk

what is the set-up for your program?
classroom? how many? girls and boys mixed or segregated?
large group presentation, with small group processing?i
s it more of a “youth group” or “class”?
what else is going on that will cover some of the material, so you don’t have to: retreats, monthly or periodic gatherings, sponsor+candidate meetings, diocesan programs etc.

start talking to other confirmation catechists in your parish, town or diocese.

if you are totally in charge of designing a program, let us know, we will start from there

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