Teaching Eastern Catholicism

It seems to me that one of my callings is to teach Eastern Catholicism here in the Far East. It is because in the Far East, many are not familiar with Eastern Catholicism. I do think that I am called for it. o:
What do you guys think? :3

Just be sure to stay faithful to the Magisterium. Catholic first, Eastern or Western second. If you make that clear to the people you are teaching it should clear up the worst potential misunderstandings.

Edit: I just noticed your “Religion” is listed as “Roman Catholic.” While I have for some time maintained that this term most accurately applies to all Catholics, Eastern or Western, very few Eastern Catholics seem to use it. Are you an Eastern Catholic yourself? If not, why teach Eastern Catholicism specifically?

I’m not an Eastern Catholic. o:

I do think it is because most here in the Far East have not even heard of Eastern Catholicism.

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