Teaching evolution at a catholic school

My son who is 13 and my nephew who is 14 attend two different private catholic schools. Both of their religion class teachers promote and believe the evolution story instead of God’s 6 day creation. They are not allowed to question the teaching as it shows insubordinate behavior. Is this legit catholic diocese approved teaching or do we have wolves in Shepard’s clothing?


The Church allows the theory of evolution.


There is no problem in Catholic theology with evolution, as long as the teacher is not saying that evolution is truly random and unguided. We believe that God is the author of life, and that would include evolution, which is simply a mechanism by which God chose to create.


It’s not merely on this issue. Once you find atheistic evolution taught unquestioned, take a look, You’ll find more problems under the surface.

He never said anything about atheistic evolution. You’re adding facts not in evidence.

Don’t get me wrong, there are many wolves in sheep’s clothing in the Church right now, but simply teaching the scientifically-supported concept of evolution does not make a person a wolf.


This thread explains the prevalence of atheistic, godless evolution:

Evolution does not conflict with Church teaching.

We don’t necessarily treat the creation narrative of Genesis as a historical account.

Also, I’m assuming this is a science class? Last time I checked, Genesis was not a science book either.


The only teaching on evolution would be micro-evolution, aka adaptation, which no one argues. There is not empirical proof for macro-evolution.

Intelligent Design is a much better scientific explanation for what we observe. These teachers and schools should get current.

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“They are not allowed to question the teaching as it shows insubordinate behavior.”

That would have me concerned. If there is nothing wrong with it then why can’t it be questioned and examples for the other point of view given. HUM! Doesn’t sound very Catholic to me.


Well, evolution should rightly be taught in science classes.

In religion class, the six day creation story is not about science. It’s not literal, the Church doesn’t teach that it is.

So I’m not seeing the problem.

Well, read the Catechism on the topic. And the senses of scripture.


The science of evolution is not “instead of” Genesis.
False dichotomy.


This is not a definitive Catholic position. It’s a personal opinion.
End of story.


The wolves in sheep’s clothing are the science deniers that don’t have a healthy Catholic appreciation for science and faith.
You are scandalizing many people, especially young people. And you make atheists look really smart.
Just stop.


If it’s a science class challenging established science shouldn’t happen in the classroom. If someone wants to promote a young earth creationist theory, you could bring it up in a religion / theology class…


Nothing Wrong is happening. The Catholic Church is not anti-science. It is also taught in schools that the universe is billions of years old and it’s development is governed by natural processes. Nobody tends to argue about that. There is an evolution hysteria going on but that is just about peoples personal opinions which has little to do with actual church doctrine.

If something evil and against church doctrine were happening the Pope and church leaders would have spoken out by now. There is no evil conspiracy going on.


The two don’t necessarily contradict because:

A. One day in God’s sight is as a thousand ages

B. The Bible does not specify that the days followed each other without an interval.


Since macro-evolution has not been empirically proven and is philosophy it should not be taught in science class but can be taught in philosophy class along with ID. Micro-evolution can be taught in science class. Only empirical science should be taught in science class.


This is a religion class that talks about evolution, not a science class. The concept that’s difficult to reconcile are the millions of years of evolution seems to put limits on God’s creative power and design. For if he allowed things to evolve for that period of time at what point were the angels ( good and eventually rebellious ) put into the equation? Did not Christ say that the devil was a liar from the beginning? Also in genesis there is language to describe day and night as being 1 day, not 1,000,000 days.

It is easy enough to research current ID science nowadays. There should be no reason anyone should still be in the dark about current findings and challenges to Darwinism. Sooner or later students will find out and then they will be upset they were not told. This is wrong.

Evolution is part of biological sciences and has been taught in Catholic schools for at least 40 years.

Geology is also taught. Along with the “ages” like Jurassic, Mesozoic, and so forth.

The Church is not Fundamentalist, nor has it ever been.

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