Teaching in a Catholic Institution

Hi Everyone,

Sorry to ask this question here, but am not sure where else to ask. As a Protestant I earned an M. Div and planned on teaching. I have been told that the degree from a Protestant schoolm, though recognized, does not fit the requirement to teach in a Catholic high school or college. Am I correct in understanding that I would need to go back to school to get a Catholic theology degree? If I have to that is fine, but wanted to double check.

Really depends on what you are teaching. Many, many, MANY teachers in Catholic High Schools and Universities not only don’t have a Catholic education, but outright reject Catholic teachings. Normally it is only those that teach theology that they would want to hold a theology degree from a Catholic University. I know some diocese do not require a theology degree at all, but do require their theology teachers to hold a certificate issued by the diocese. This is generally at the high school level and colleges tend to be more strict. Even at that, one of my theology/religion teachers in a Jesuit University was Eastern Orthodox and had a JD. His undergrad was in ancient languages or something, but he did not hold a theology degree of any sort.

Long and short is to check in areas where you might want to teach to see what their requirements are.

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