Teaching in Catholic School?

Hey, I’m a long-time lurker, first-time poster so sorry if this is the wrong place to post this but…
I’m a college freshmen working towards a BA in English and teacher certification for K-12, but whenever I think of myself as a teacher, I always end up imagining myself as a Religion teacher instead of an English teacher. I really have a desire to teach religion in a Catholic high school, but does anyone have any advice on how to go about this?
I’ve been thinking of double-majoring in English and Religious Studies, but I go to a public university (as much as I wanted to go to a Catholic one, I can’t afford it) so I’m not sure if I should trust a secular institution to teach me about religion and I’m not sure how much weight it would hold in a Catholic setting. Can anyone give me some advice, or at least tell me the requirements for teaching religion in Catholic high schools?

Thanks for any help,

I have read many of the posting for high school teaching jobs in the schools near me. To teach Theology at the high school level, the minimum requirement seems to be a Master degree in Theology although I know one teacher who has a Master in Philosophy but had a Bachelor degree in Theology. I doubt that course work in Religious Studies from a non-Catholic school would mean much since those programs tend to be more about comparative religions and not on passing on the Faith.

On the other hand, at the Junior High level, a person with a teaching degree, in any subject, and the diocisan Catechetical certification can teach Religion.

Good luck.

continue in your current program until you get your teacher certification, then look for grants or internships that will give you religion teacher certification in your diocese. Here you can do it through continuing ed.

If you are only a freshman it is not to late to transfer to a Catholic school that can give you both, nor to try for financial aid. Steubenville being the best first choice.
you can also look into religion teacher or catechist certification in summer conferences, Steubenville being among many such Catholic schools that offer this, or on- line or distance education. Ask at the Catholic schools office or Office of Catechetics at your diocese.

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