Teaching men not to stare [Modesty is covered elsewhere on CAF]


I think this is the heart of the issue.

We are children of the Ever Living God. We should act like it. Noticing & appreciating beauty is one thing but that’s not what the OP is talking about.

& that is not what all men are doing even though we tell ourselves this lie.

Regardless what self esteem issues the lady expresses in her dress, we are called to be holy. We are called to treat her with the dignity God gave her.

It is not “human nature” to oogle, stare, or sexualize that child of God. Human nature is much, much more than that, as has been revealed to us through our Lord, Jesus Christ.


Okay, I’m all for everyone trying to be respectful and dignified at all times.

Does this mean all men are expected to behave like monks and all women like religious sisters all the time? (unless they are married / discerning marriage with a particular person).
Obviously we can’t actually dress like people in religious orders completely, but should this be a style goal? Something similar to what many post-Vatican II religious sisters wear? Because we are trying to be holy and not wordly?

I’m seriously asking - - in case anyone wonders.
If not, then why not? If we are truly trying to live holy lives of virtue?


Lots of irony here.


Male privilege is a lie.


Blame the media and the “fashion industry.” Reject their ideas about how women should be.


And apparently earn more money for the same job, even when that job doesn’t involve killing people.


That argument doesn’t work anymore nowadays, when sex is a state of mind rather than a biological truth.


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