Teaching migrants how to behave



Teaching migrants how to behave

Migrants arriving in Finland are being offered classes on Finnish values and how to behave towards women. Concerned about a rise in the number of sexual assaults in the country, the government wants to make sure that people from very conservative cultures know what to expect in their new home. Johanna is one of those energetic, animated teachers whose cheerful energy lures even the most reluctant pupil into engaging with the lesson. She uses both her hands to stress her meaning and she always softens any difficult points with a smile.
“So in Finland,” she says softly, “you can’t buy a wife. A woman will only be your wife if she wants to be - because here women are men’s equals.”

Her pupils, all recently arrived asylum seekers at this reception centre hidden away in the snowy depths of the Finnish forest, watch her carefully - and I watch them. Some of the young Iraqi men, who already speak good English and passable Finnish, nod sagely. Others, particularly the older men, stare at one another with raised eyebrows as Johanna’s words are translated into Arabic for them. One man, hunkered down inside his black ski jacket seems to be taking notes while there’s a faint smile on the lips of the only headscarfed young woman in the room.

“But you can go out to the disco with a woman here,” adds Johanna brightly. “Although remember, even if she dances with you very closely and is wearing a short skirt, that doesn’t mean she wants to have sex with you.”
A Somali teenager pulls his woolly hat over his ears and cradles his head in his hands as if his brain can’t cope with all this new information.
“This is a very liberal country,” he says incredulously. “We have a lot to learn. In my country if you make sexy with a woman you are killed!” He turns to his neighbour, a Malian man of a similar age to gauge his reaction.
“It’s quite amazing,” the Malian nods. “In my country a woman should not go out without her husband or brother.”


Bbc loves to promote liberalism and mock the natiives simultaneously.


To my mind it would make more sense if a man were teaching men about what is proper behavior toward others, esp. when it comes to sex. I don’t see a bunch of guys taking the female instructor very seriously when it is totally foreign to their culture. Peace.


“Make sexy”?

Way to go, guys. Keep mocking the Asians and Africans. It will come back to bite you one day. :smiley:


I think you misread the org. post as it had nothing to do with Africans or Asians. Peace.


We don’t have to teach our migrants how to behave. We choose them ourselves. The rest we refuse entry to. Simple. Come to Australia to see how it is done properly.( Hint: Secure borders )


They are deliberately using instances of migrants who are not fluent in English for low-grade humour.

This is neither amusing nor charitable, especially coming from the BBC, the former friend of British colonialism. :mad:


The title needs to change…if it said-- teaching about culture-- it would be better.:shrug:


I agree, unfortunately the rules of the forum are that articles in world new that are started using news articles need to use the exact title of the article, even when it is provocative as in this case. I also agree with RPRpysch the humour is indeed low grade and reminds me of some of the more dated sitcoms you used to get in the UK.


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