teaching on contraception

how was the teaching on contraception in the 70s to 90s. did all devout cahtolics know it was wrong?

also, how was the teaching on nfp back then?

I’m trying not to be judgmental of people but whenever I see an older person who has only one child, mmy mind can’t help think if they maybe used contraception or were being selfish. I know, it’s horrible, there could be many other factors

it just seems like catholic teaching really frowns on having only one child and a lot of catholics do as well and think it’s selfish. I know we’re supposed to discern g
od’s will on this but is really that bad to only want one kid because that’s all you can handle or other factors? I’m just thinking of my own future, if I were to have kids (seems unlikely at this point) I don’t know if I can handle more than one, I’m already not really a kid person.

I think I’m being one of those people who is looking at the splinter in other people’s eyes

Well, If our home’s are to truly be domestic churches, it wouldn’t be fitting to keep the pews empty intentionally.

The teaching on contraception during the time you pointed to was adverse to the teaching of the world. It was not well received by many, Catholic and Protestant alike. It has taken the last forty years of witness to the decline of moral teaching to see the wisdom of Humanae Vitae. Were the protection to traditional family values adhered to, we wouldn’t be facing some of the issues that we are facing today.

We must retain the definition that procreation is intimately tied to the marital act and not to the economy of family. Maintaining this bond speaks against withholding from one’s spouse, obstructing God’s providence within the marriage, pre-marital sex, invitro-, etc. etc. etc.

When we severe procreation from the marital embrace, it becomes solely a facet of the worldly concerns; such as affects to educational quality, job promotions, available familial funds, personal senses of freedom, etc. None of these foster our spiritual growth, make us saints, or build a Godly people for our Heavenly Father.

My advice would be to not look at worldly attitudes toward contraception, including all of its allures that promise us an easier or more self-secured lifestyle. Rely instead on His promise that His grace is sufficient. My wife once told me that when she was little and another month showed up at the table, you just threw another potatoe on the stove and didn’t worry about it.

The best contraception that has ever been used,
Is for both partners to place an aspirin between your knees,
It must under no circumstances fall,or be glued or fastened in any way,
Then you can do whatever ,

You may not be trying to be judgmental, but you are doing just that.

I was just a kid back then, the 70’s. But my parents only had two children. My mom had major surgery, twice. Then she couldn’t have any more children. (That’s all I knew as a kid. I now know that she had a hysterectomy.)

I remember when I was a little girl that she left the Church, Why? Because our parish priest was judgmental. He decided that the medical problems my mother had weren’t enough to justify major surgery. He thought she should have had more children first. Of course the doctors just wanted to make it so my mother could get off of the pain pills and to get out bed. :shrug:

It took her many years to come back to the Church. So, you might want to check your judgment.

Devout Catholics knew the constant Church teaching against artificial contraception was right, but they were deceived, and some in the Church deceived others. That’s all changing.

I was born in the 1950s. There was no birth control pill. The average number of kids in my neighborhood was TWO. People forget that back then, Catholics and Christians were more devout. Sexual morality regarding dating was more strictly enforced, and rule number one was: “NO sexual intercourse until marriage. PERIOD.”

So no, the Church is not telling you how many kids to have. Ask God. Really. If you are not called to be a mother, He will tell you. Trust in Him to guide you.


That is so sad, maryjk. Just when your mother needed support and encouragement to seek necessary medical treatment, and all she gets is judgement and condemnation. However, I am so glad she was able to find her way back to the Church. It must have been very challenging for her to come back.

Not being from the States, you probably don’t realize that the very comment on the aspirin caused a huge backlash during the last election! When 90% of women use some form of ABC, its probably not a good idea to joke about it in a 1940’s manner.:eek:

Sorry to be blunt, but the size of another person’s family should not be a concern of yours. Have you ever personally spoken to a woman or a couple who has struggled with infertility? If yes, I suspect you would view this in an entirely different light.

Oh, but your are being judgmental!!! :mad:

I am one of “those” woman. For whatever reason, God has chosen not to bless me & my husband with children. I have been accused of contracepting, of being selfish and told that I was not a “good Catholic” because of it.

My advice to you- find a spiritual director, stop reading all the ultra-traditional garbage you find on the internet and maybe start volunteering at your parish, then maybe you won’t have so much time to obsess about other people and what they do or do not do.

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