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I have requested recommendations for my personal use so I can learn more about the Catholic Church, its history, and teachings. However, what good teaching tools are available for my 9 year old twins so I can help them learn at home? I need materials to compliment our RCIA & education classes. Actually any advice or resources which will help my children during our conversion to Catholicism would be fantastic i.e. first confession, first communion, confirmation. All of you have been wonderful in assisting me. I appreciate you!



Are your children not registered in Children’s RCIA (sometimes called OCIC)?
If not, they should go into regular catechism classes (Sunday school) when they will be provided with books at grade level. But, ideally, you should speak with the DRE (Director of Religious Education) at your parish and get them involved with him or her or another designated individual teacher. Also, speak to the Director of RCIA if it’s a different person and tell them you would like your children in the loop for conversion.


You can send your children to attend your parish’s Religious Education program or teach them at home. Whichever you decide to do, talk with the Religious Education Director (DRE). There are certain things you need to do if you decide to teach your children at home - eg, maintain contact with the DRE and getting materials that you can use to teach. You can also use another curriculum that is approved by USCCB - here’s the list,").

It is important for the parish to know what your teaching at home so they will have an idea of how you’re preparing your children to receive the sacraments.

In the mean time, check out this website - familycatechism.com/.

Hope this helps!


Very helpful. Yes, they are enrolled in RCIA. They are learning quite a lot. I’ll visit the websites shared, too.



My then-8 year-old had a blast in RCIC, which was under the guidance of both the RCIA core team and the DRE. The lady that taught the class was firm and kind and knowledgeable.

Good luck!



I buy books to supplement my son’s religion class at school. The St. Joseph Catechism series is very good. Older, but has good, basic information. Also, it is written for different grade levels so kids can continue to learn from it as they get older.

St. Joseph Picture Books are excellent and very cheap! Check out www.catholicchild.com for lots of teaching tools and other books.

Catholic Heritage Curricula is a site with books geared towards homeschoolers but there’s good stuff, there, too.

Look into getting a Magnifikid subscription. Your kids can bring them to Mass to follow along, there are additional prayers, comics, and crafts, too.

Don’t forget EWTN. There are great animated and live action shows during their kids block in the afternoons. We Are Catholic, Truth in the Heart (rotates through grade levels and taught by Dominican sisters), My Catholic Family (teaches about the saints) are all good. The Friar is good for parables but may be a little young for your kids.


I teach for the Catholic board here in Milton, ON and use these two websites on a consistent basis…





the conformity list form usccb looks so helpful, (the 2nd link worked perfectly.) thank you again for taking the time and making the effort to help. God bless!



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