Teaching transubstantiation

Are we treating the Mass too casually, because so many people don’t consider the sacrament seriously? Is this time to start teaching transubstantiation?


Yes. Yes. And yes.

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What do you propose has been taught thus far?

Don’t know. If more than half of the Catholics don’t believe or know about it, maybe nothing is being taught?

It will always be a ‘Hard Saying’.

Each EP teaches explicitly transubstantiation with clarity and without ambiguity. What are the logical possibilities for why someone wouldn’t believe in the Real Presence of Christ in the validly celebrated Eucharist? Address those reasons.

Agreed - yes X3.

However, it is perhaps even better to experience it - in the chapel at Adoration. If the Eucharist is received casually, our Lord’s sacramental presence in the monstrance gives the soul time to ponder, time to reflect, time to allow the Holy Spirit to illumine.

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