Team Fortress 2?


So this is a shooting game but isn’t that graphic as far as I know, it is very much a comical animation game that is addressed for its humor. Though has aspects of shooting games. So would it be bad to play such a game?


No its most definitely one of the least violent FPS out there, keep in mind a game is simply another form of art, is it bad to read a book with violence like say, Treasure Island?

If you were talking about a game like Grand Theft Auto, then I’d say it would be definitely for a adult or a older mature child, but unless you have a overactive scrupulous conscience, a game like this would be not only moral to play, but fine for kids as well.


Well, its entertainment. Not a whole lot better or worse than the rest of it - television, film, etc. In an ideal world our entertainment would have deeper messages in it, such as about the value of friendships, dedication to higher causes, creating a great marriage - but I guess making a video game or film about that is a lot more difficult than creating a game about blowing **** up.

I wouldnt worry about it too much; I would more be concerned that you maintain a good work/life/faith balance. Excess entertainment takes you away from your family, from developing yourself further, and from creating a better tomorrow. All things which will provide long term satisfaction, fulfilment, and ultimately, help you do Gods work. Something sitting in front of a PC or TV wont do.

Reading and studying is of greater value (depending on what you’re reading, ofcourse) as that is teaching you new information and further skills.
I say this as someone who spent several years of their life after school doing nothing but playing video games 12 hours a day. Every day, for years. I broke out of it, eventually, and got my life back on track - but I did learn these pursuits have little to offer you but taking your valuable time from you.


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