Tear-Jerker Movies: What's the most saddest movie you've ever seen

I can’t think of any sad movies that move me to tears (I’m just heartless that way, I guess).

But the one that bring nerd :nerd: tears of joy to my eye is when Apollo 13 splashes down – Every time – Even though I know how it ends. :crying:


Definitely the Passion of the Christ,
The Notebook (let me tell ya I was an absolute MESS after that movie!) :stuck_out_tongue:

Dumbo, still the only movie that has every made me cry, when the mother elephant is led away

Shenandoah with Jimmy Stewart

I haven’t seen very many tearjerker movies. I cried at The Passion of the Christ more than any other I can think of, but a long time ago I cried when I saw Christiane F. and The Professional.

I’m with you:thumbsup:

Galipoli, Madame X, Letters From Iwo Jima. I saw the first two at home, but I was stifling sobs in the theater when I saw Letters from Iwo Jima.

That reminds me of when my daughter went to go and see Bambi at a theatre with a friend of mine …and when Bambi’s mother died…she yelled and cried…BAMBI!!! She was only 3!

Bridge to Terabithia–EVERYONE in the theater, including ALL the men, including my husband, was crying at the ending. It was actually hard to hear what was going on in the movie over the crying.

Everyone except me, that is, because I have a huge crush on the actor, Robert Patrick, who played the father! After the movie, my husband said, “Of course you didn’t cry. You were too busy panting for Robert Patrick!”

My husband pants for Ariel, the Little Mermaid, so we’re even! And in real life, we both pant for each other!

I also think the movie The Three Lives of Thomasina is a real weeper, especially when the vet heals the blind man’s dog. :crying: And when the kids have the funeral for Thomasina…:crying: And when the little girl says that her father is dead…:crying: And when Thomasina runs through the rain to get back to the little girl…:crying:

Forrest Gump was one of those tear jerkers for me. When Tom Hanks stood over Jenny’s grave at the end, and told her how much he and their little boy misses her, I lost it.

…Maybe not *that *heartless, I thought of one that comes close: Saving Private Ryan.


That was my first taste of Mel Gibson…cried like a baby at the end.



Angels with Dirty Faces

I know it’s supposed to be a comedy, but when Rosalind Russell breaks down and says “Well, Ligouri, that was the last race at Pimlico.” the waterworks start every time.

The Trouble With Angels.

I have to ad a couple of my favorite tearjerkers:
Imitation f Life (Lana Turner/John Gavin)
Waterloo Bridge (Vivien Leigh/Robert Taylor)
Of Mice and Men(Lon Chaney version)

can’t think of more right now. have to get back later.

I have cried the hardest on The Passion of the Christ–nothing comes close to the type of crying I go through during that movie, largely due to the fact that I marvel at all God has done for me…for us.

Close seconds are:

  1. Prince of Tides
  2. The Pianist
  3. Schindler’s list
  4. Premonition
  5. You’ve Got Mail (at the end people) lol
  6. Blood Diamond
  7. Pursuit of Happyness

oh there are many others…I’m a cry baby at heart.:wink: :smiley:

I’m getting misty just looking at some of these titles. I’ll have to add one more: The Hunchback of Notre Dame (Disney version). I bawled all of the way through it the first time I took my kids to it.

With Schindler, I bawled my eyes also…especially when he broke down at the end. When I went to Israerl the second time, I asked to go to his cemetary plot. But the cemetary was closed.:frowning:

For me, the most effective tear-jerker will always be
the 1972 movie version of **BRIAN’S SONG **
with Billy Dee Williams and James Caan.
I was 11 when I first saw that movie and it had
me sobbing and tears pouring down my face.
Even if I just hear a few bars of the Theme Song to
that original film version, I start to get all choked up.

Someone above on this thread mentioned also
the Jimmy Stewart movie Shennandoah from about 1968.
That too, was a beautiful, heart-wrenching story.


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