tears at Mass?

What should I do about tears at Mass? I’m not talking dewy eyes, I’m talking soaking multiple handkerchiefs with tears and the accompanying runny nose. It hits almost without warning - and is like turning on a faucet. I can’t stop them though thankfully they are quiet. I might go a couple weeks (I attend daily) without tears and then out of the blue they are back again. Sometimes it is predictable, like today at Palm Sunday, and other times it could be a quiet daily Mass when I least expect them. I worry that it could be distracting to others around me who might be concerned about what to do/say to me, though thus far people politely don’t mention it. I am not a weepy person otherwise in my life. I find it embarrassing that I can’t control myself. I wonder if this is something I should be confessing?

There’s one priest who always gives really intense homilies and makes my girlfriend cry almost every time. Whenever he’s going to be the celebrant we sit in the back. Sometimes just being in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament during Adoration makes me weepy. Why would you think you should confess it?! I would just sit towards the back and hope for the best… It’s not like people are going to be watching you, as long as you’re quiet it has nothing to do with them.

What I would do if I were you is keep crying. It is called the gift of tears. Saint Dominic would spend all night weeping before the tabernacle. You have been given it for good reason - especially during Holy Week.

From a fellow weeper.

My sweet patron saint. :’)

It’s pretty normal for me to cry at mass. Today during the homily of our Lord’s passion it hit me pretty hard so I can relate. No, there is nothing to confess from what you describe. I don’t even think twice about others around me, as I am overcome with the Holy Spirit. I actually like being so overcome with emotion I can’t contain myself. It kind of assures me that God has my devoted attention, love, and commitment during the mass, and that my goal is to maintain that throughout the week. What a wonderful thing that you allow yourself to experience deep emotion for our Lord!

You don’t need to do anything. I always find it kind of beautiful when someone cries at Mass, but that could also be because I have been know to do that a time or two. :smiley:

This is something that could go in a “You know you’re a Catholic when…” thread.

You know you’re a Catholic when you cry at church :smiley:

I get a case of dewy eyes every now and again too.


I also find myself sobbing - quietly - at times. It´s feeling the inmense love our Father has for us… too overwhelming!
Definitely not a matter for confession, although if the priest has the time, you could talk to him about it.

I felt like that this yesterday during Mark 14.1-15.47 reading and remember how much i cried after good friday mass last year (and refused to eat for rest of the day).

thanks for all the responses, I appreciate it. Fyi the thing I thought I maybe should confess is distracting other people

Are you purposely distracting people at Mass? I highly doubt it. :slight_smile: So, since that is most likely not the case, what sin do you think you are committing that needs to be confessed?
I also find myself weeping, although silently, at Mass. It comes on at the oddest times, and I have no control over the timing of it. It could be during the consecration, the homily, a reading, the psalm— any time. I have no idea if others are truly distracted by it, but I don’t think so. Even if they are, I am not disrupting Mass and I am not trying to bring attention to myself during Mass. There is no sin to confess.

Ok got the gumtion to ask…
I cannot yet recieve the Euchrist. I do go up to be blessed and I did cry. Not loudly but the tears did flow. Also I cried the last time I was at Mass just wathchig the others recieve.
It was so….profound it really hit home just how wonderful and amazing. That Christ did this for each and every one of us and to see them recieve it. Wow!

Is that ok? I sure hope so but let me know what you think.


Your tears are real and you have them for a reason. If others look at you, let them be inspired.

I get weepy at Mass on occasion. I’ve learned to regard it as a sign that something special in either the liturgy, or maybe one of the readings, touched me, and try to sit with those thoughts later in the day during private meditation time. Not to be irreverent, but I’ve also learned not to wear my contact lenses to Mass; I’ve lost too many lenses in just this way and had to drive home squinting!

You could, I suppose, ask your parish priest about it (I’d make an appointment, not an urgent one,) and see what he thinks. You also might want to e-mail him for his take on the matter.

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