Tears/Crying During Stations of the Cross?

Hi…just wanted to know if anyone has cried or noticed tears coming while doing the Stations of the Cross?

I attended my first Stations of the Cross service for this season of Lent - and when I got to the Fourth Station (Jesus Meets His Mother), I started choking up and tears started welling in my eyes. This has never happened to me before.

Am I the only one?

Happens to me all the time! Consider it a gift from God, that you are so moved by His Passion and death to weep for Him.

Yes, From Station one to the end.:o

I was nearly in tears much of the time this year.

Our parish has Stations of the Cross on Friday evenings during Lent. So far this year, I just went the one time on First Friday this month.


Oh, yes. And it is indeed a blessing to find an emotional connection to the passion of Christ.

I guess the reason why I’m surprised by this is because as a cradle Catholic, I was used to seeing my parents and others faithfully recite prayers and devotions without showing any emotion; it was just done with solemn reverence. Somehow in the deep recesses of my mind, I figured that this was how we were suppose to recite them.

One of the first times I cried at Mass after my reversion back to the faith was one time after I received the Eucharist. I guess I really missed Our Lord so much. But before that, the only other time I cried was during a Gospel reading in Mass when I was 11 years old.

I agree - this is a true blessing from God to be able to journey with Him through the Stations of the Cross. Nonetheless, it still surprises me (stoic person that I am) when my emotions come out during these prayerful and reverent times.

I have been attending our Parish’s Friday evening’s Station of the Cross this Lent. Just last night, tears come to my eyes and the weeping sensation lingered on in my heart. It is a blessing to have such a emotion connection.

I used to lead the music for our school’s Friday station’s (At the Cross her Station keeping–a verse after each station) and it was all I could do to keep it together for the whole thing. Hearing the voices of the children in prayer and the sacrifice of Jesus was just too much for me. :wink:

God bless,

I nad found when I could still get out of go to Stations of the Cross, that I got so tried up and emotional with each station sharing it with Jesus that even speaking became difficult.

I can hardly stand it, and the same with the Passion, which I dread to read, andwill have to steel myself here shortly.

I attended the Stations for the first time in 30 years today. I was so choked up from beginning to end, it was embarassing. I did make it through, though.

I haven’t done the typical stations of the cross yet but I am looking forward to our RCIA class doing it next week and I have a feeling I’ll be emotional.

But I did attend out Living Stations of the Cross tonight and I cried nearly the whole way through!

Yes, I have. Last night I attended a living stations of the cross
as seen through Mary’s eyes. It was done by some 6th, 7th
and 8th graders at our parish (including my son). I was very
touched by it.

I feel the same way. I always have to get ready for the Stations and the Passion. I can’t even bring myself to say “Crucify Him!” when we are suppose to. When we were walking the Stations with my Kindergarten CCD class, we got to #11 and one of our more out-spoken little girls asked if they really did this to Jesus. Of course, we said yes Jesus was nailed to the cross. She said, “Well, that’s not right! How mean!” I couldn’t agree more.

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