Hi there,

During my Confirmation process, I've been really digging deeper into my faith. It seems now that every time I am in the presence of God, I cry. Tears just start pouring out during Mass, Adoration, prayer, all the time. During my Confirmation retreat, I just wept for the entire Adoration. I couldn't do anything but cry.

Does this happen to anyone else? It's not a bad thing. It's just I don't like to call attention to myself by crying all the time.



It happens to me to, but since I’m a guy i always struggle to hold back the tears.


This happens to me too!!! That and... sort of a shortness of breath.

I thought I was the only one;)


Yes, it has happened to me. More often at adoration.


It also happens to me, and technically, there are two kinds. One type is a gift from the Holy Spirit, where you don't necessarily feel sad at all, the other time is more human emotion caused by intense sad emotions, both are good in prayer regardless.

I found a web site that elaborates upon it more, read it with a grain of salt, it was just what popped up in the google search. members.iinet.net.au/~mmjournl/MaryMartha/THEOLOGICAL%20REFLECTIONS%20/The%20Gift%20of%20Tears.html


It happens to me too. It seems to happen when I am experiencing a deeper recognition of Christ’s love. I associate it with the feeling of gratitude I feel at those times. It can happen in contemplation of the life of Our Blessed Mother or the Saints and sometimes current events when I recognize Christ’s love. :twocents:


I'm not so good with the search function here, but I did find this old thread on tears. It's very long and very old, and I haven't read it all, but the first page had some interesting stuff. If you want to find more, google "gift of tears." It's a well-known phenomenon.



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