In love with the holy spirt for my love for god has grown so much. Becoming Baptized Easter Vigil my Heart became so full . I just love God so much , I cry because I’m so thankful to finally feel complete .

I know many of you may know how this feels but it’s like every day my heart grows deeper .

I heard this song today and would like to share with all of you .


Hi! I didn’t check out the link you posted, but I got confirmed this Easter, so we both joined the Church together! :slight_smile:

I know that feeling though as I got home fairly late after dinner that night and one of the first things I did was knelt down, thanked God for giving me the gifts He has, and allowing me the privilege of joining the Catholic Church by Him leading me because of His love of me and mercy on me, even in my sins. I felt like crying that night myself.

Unfortunately I have to go back to reconciliation already, but fully plan to and know that I’ll see/hear Jesus in that sacrament, just as I did the first time. :slight_smile: I’m excited to celebrate reconciliation and the Eucharist

It’s an amazing feeling , I want to do more for god and have him do more through me . I want to learn more , I fall more and more in love with him every single day . I want to become a Dynamic Catholic , I’m so very Happy with him in my life !! I call upon his name, my savior will forever be glorified !!!

When someone converts or returns to the Church, God often showers them with consolations and warm fuzzy feelings in order to help them along the path (think dog training and treats for rewards). Eventually, God will start taking away these consolations and it will feel like God has abandoned you. Assuming one hasn’t committed a mortal sin, God hasn’t left (though, God is still there if one commits a mortal sin. The relationship is severed, though), and He is testing you to see if you seek Him purely for Him, or if you seek warm fuzzies.

This is important for people to know. I have seen converts completely leave the Church (usually become Muslim) once the honeymoon phase is over because they equate God with warm fuzzies. If the warm fuzzies are gone, so must God be, and they will keep looking for warm fuzzies until they have to make them artificially (think Pentecostals, Evangelical Christians, certain groups of Catholics)

The relationship with the Church might be severed, but our relationship with God, even in mortal sin, is not severed. He still hears us, we can still hear Him; or else, we might never return to the Faith and to God once a mortal sin is committed.

But yes, remember, God, Faith, Catholicism are more than just feelings. Not just converts have left because of ‘feelings’ but so have cradle Catholics. I do pray for the converts, that these initial ‘feelings’ of joy help them mature in their Faith so that they make it through the dry times as well.

I will stick to what the Catechism says about mortal sin.

936: *9 *Q. *What injury does mortal sin do the soul?
*A. (1) Mortal sin deprives the soul of grace and of the friendship of God; (2) It makes it lose Heaven; (3) It deprives it of merits already acquired, and renders it incapable of acquiring new merits; (4) It makes it the slave of the devil; (5) It makes it deserve hell as well as the chastisements of this life.

Yes, God will give us the grace to return if we ask, but realistically speaking, it kills the life within the soul. Without sanctifying grace we put ourselves under the influence of Satan.

Thank you.

Perhaps it’s because growing up, I heard how horrible mortal sin is (it is) but my translation, as a child at least, was that ‘severed’ meant ‘permanent’, like a severed hand or leg. Deprived of friendship doesn’t, to me, mean permanent, or ‘severed’ in that way.

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