Tebow:I lost endorsements over pro-life ad


Honestly, what is Tim Tebow talking about? He’s on the cover of the latest NCAA game and he has a deal with Nike. That’s about the pinnacle of sports endorsements right there, with the exception of “I’m going to Disney World!” and you can only get that by becoming the Super Bowl MVP.

Perhaps this comes out of the fact that I hate Florida and I root against Urban Meyer in every game and I have an irrational sports-hatred for Tim Tebow since he always beats the teams that I like, but I can’t help but say that he’s being ridiculous here. He’s about to sign an enormous contract with an NFL team, and he has the two best endorsement deals in sports.

I don’t think he’s complaining - just stating a fact. What’s the big deal? :shrug:

Besides, the comments from endorsements came BEFORE the Super Bowl ad ran. He’s just saying what he was told, that’s all. And he said that it was a small price to pay.


“NASHVILLE, Tennessee, April 19, 2010 (LifeSiteNews.com) - Tim Tebow recently told a sold-out crowd at Lipscomb University that “multiple companies told him before the Super Bowl that they could not let him represent their products if he went ahead with his pro-life commercial at the Super Bowl,” according to the Palm Beach Post.”

Glad to see Tim Tebow didn’t bow to negative pressure before the Super Bowl. And really nice to see him continue on as a pro-life role model by doing speaking engagements. We need more like him.



  1. Watching Tebow play in college, the way he acted on the field and some of the comments he made in postgame interviews, he struck me as egotistical. I’m one of the only people I know who thinks that way about him, so its possibly irrational and based on the fact that I dislike Florida, but I do have a case for it. Basically, I think Tebow was too much “Look at me! Look at how hard I work!”

  2. That bleeds over to this. Perhaps its because I’m predisposed to view him as a me-first guy that I think this way, but this smacks too much of “Look at what I sacrificed. Me, me, me, me.”, when in fact, it really didn’t do that much damage to him. He got the two endorsements that everybody dreams of, he’s getting the big NFL contract. That’s exactly it-what’s the big deal? Why does Tim Tebow constantly call attention to what Tim Tebow has done?

Besides, the comments from endorsements came BEFORE the Super Bowl ad ran. He’s just saying what he was told, that’s all. And he said that it was a small price to pay.


But in doing so, Tim Tebow has to call attention to the way that Tim Tebow is constantly sacrificing for the good of others, and that everybody else should say “Wow, what a great guy Tim Tebow is!”

But again, Tim Tebow has gotten on my nerves for a very long time, so maybe its just confirmation bias on my part.

Yep - I think you have a chip on your shoulder for this guy. Let it go. Life is way to short to get all in a bunch over stuff like this.


Second this thinking. He seemed anything BUT egostitical. I wish more college athletes had his attitude.

Yeah, I think that’s about it.

Let it go,buddy.

I don’t think Tim Tebow’s the one being ridiculous here…:smiley:

I can’t speak to your overall impression of Tebow, as I haven’t paid much attention to him. However, I don’t think the evidence of this article gives much support to your interpretation.

Tebow was giving a talk to a college crowd, presumably an hour or more long. The article appears to pluck what were probably one or two sentences from his lengthy speech. If Tebow were constantly harping about this issue to media far and wide, that would be one thing. But instead, we have a single article from LifeSiteNews, a site known for its alarmism more than its measured and cautious analysis of news stories. Your question of what’s the big deal is better directed at LSN than at Tim Tebow.

That is my sense of the situation too. In the speech, Tebow mentions what he was told by advertisers before anyone, outside of CBS or Focus on the Family, had seen the ad. LifeSite then turns this anecdote into a declaration of something that actually happened.

However, we don’t know whether or not Tebow lost endorsement opportunities. After the ad ran, and everyone saw how mild it was, I rather doubt that potential advertisers would have viewed him as toxic.

LifeSite News based their article on a story which appeared in the Palm Beach Post’s website. Interestingly, that news story ends with this statement:

Tebow hasn’t been too hurt by the commercial, though, which was sponsored by the controversial group Focus on the Family. Tebow has already been linked to major sponsorships with Nike and EA Sports, and likely has several more in the works.


I doubt he would have lost endorsements over the ad itself, but possibly over aligning himself with Focus on the Family, a group that takes some very controversial (conservative) stands on issues such as homosexuality, abortion, etc.

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