Tech changes are creating problems with my Android view

Viewing on Android with Chrome. As of today, there is some annoying white box now floating over every category and thread with text in it like “Visit for resources” and “You may also be interested in the following topics…” These boxes in some cases are obscuring large sections of the thread.

Also, there are a bunch of categories including Site Feedback and News that I can no longer access through the home page Categories menu.



I’m not getting it :smirk:

typed too soon

Look in the Category Pull down menu. Are all your categories there? Half of mine are missing, and they aren’t muted.

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And here’s the floating white box obscuring a post, it pops up on every thread, sometimes bigger so it takes up a third of the view

I notice exactly the same thing on my tablet as tis is reporting. You can get rid of the “you may be interested in” thing by clicking (hitting) that box. Next thread it’s back. Quite annoying.

O well, maybe saves me some time in Purgatory.


And now also the smaller Visit for official Catholic Answers resources. :frowning: ETA <- this smaller one stays at the top of my screen.

Not sure if you mean -> Latest (561) :arrow_down_small: on top left of screen, tapping categories, I get all the same 9 that I listed in the other thread for Annie.

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But there’s supposed to be 16 :open_mouth:

Oh, really? Who’s the thief?? :woman_shrugging:

Below is what I see on desktop view (earlier screenshots were taken whilst in mobile view)

I’ve always come to CAF expecting to be annoyed, but this…this is taking it to far. :trident::fire: Calling for a posse with torches and pitchforks. :fire::trident: Time to storm the castle.

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  • This drop down is annoying… :top:

  • Now I can’t tap on the post counter to scroll!

I can’t see the drop down on my phone at all, but it came up on my laptop earlier. Very weird, like the whole of the page was zoomed in. I changed themes to check if it wasn’t a glitch (I have the dark theme on my laptop) and it went back to normal. It’s fine on dark theme now.

That’s been happening to me too, for a while now. If you refresh the page it should come back up and work.

For me, it just disappears again :frowning:

I’m on the laptop now and I see the little box that says “Visit” or similar is floating in a huge right hand margin instead of obscuring the posts themselves. Unfortunately the android mobile view doesn’t have a margin for it to float in.

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My Kindle right now has the Visit
for official Catholic Answers resources.
Somerimes I have seen a longer box come down.
There is a thing I can click on the longer box for it to
disappear. Right now, I can’t make it disappear.

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That’s what I see on my desktop PC. And yes, you’re right the small android mobile phone screens aren’t large enough for this to occur. :woman_shrugging:

I got some feedback from the mods! They are looking into it. No guarantees but problems acknowledged!


Oh yay! Good to know. Thanks for updating everyone.


On my phone the “fast scroll” control in the lower right of the screen is still non-functional. When I tap on it, it just disappears, instead of turning into a vertical scroll bar. Now if I visit a thread with 1200 posts, the only way I can view the recent posts is to scroll through all the posts, one at a time. That can take a long time with 1200 posts. The desktop counterpart of this function is working fine. It is only the mobile version.


Same here. It doesn’t work at all.

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