Tech Millionare Who Beat Girlfriend 117 Times Ducks Jail Despite Video


heard this on Glen Beck…

Chahal, 31, faces no jail time. He was sentenced to three years’ probation, 52 weeks in a domestic violence training program and 25 hours of community service…

His girlfriend told arriving officers that she was unable to breathe and that Chahal had told her four times, “I’m going to kill you,”

They brought this up because he donated heavily to the democrat party. I would imagine that most Silicon Valley tech companies (and young workers) donate to the democrat party.

Granted he had lots of money and his lawyers probably picked the judge but this man should be in jail and the judge should be gone. :mad:

Another resent case. What gives with these wealthy Silicon Valley executives, at least this one resigned. Yet he is still on the Board of Directors. Strange, as they all seem to know each other so is this like Hollywood ?

Silicon Valley titan and former PayPal top exec resigns from multimillion-dollar startup after male employee accused him of sexual harassment

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Let us look at in terms of the justice met out to the DuPont heir who abused his kids. There the Delaware I think it was Delaware, judge though prison a bad fit for the old boy. Perhaps the same thinking applies in this guy’s case? Anyway glad to see our oligarchs get the nice preferential treatment you’d expect in a third world country,


It’s clearly affluenza


Doesn’t look like he is going to have to resign from his company. Good thing he didn’t do something horrible like give money to support a legal ballot measue because maybe then he’d be made to resign.

I’m curious if there will be any backlash against his company. Granted it’s difficult to boycott an advertising company with the way the bludgeon us over the head w/ their junk.

*Note: This is a total knee jerk response so don’t be shocked at lack of content to this post (I should probably just put this as my signature).


Well, Im assuming she is now his EX- girlfriend?

Why would any women stick with a person after an incident like this? At least she made it out alive! If I were here, I would be moving to the other side of the country!

It should come as no surprise people with money get out of legal trouble, happens all the time, and will continue to happen…money can buy just about anything, everyone has a price, and when you get into the big money, this includes judges, prosecutors, cops, etc.


The lawyer should be disbarred too.

During a preliminary hearing, Lassart, who is also defending embattled state Sen. Leland Yee (D-Calif.) on corruption charges, did not deny that Chahal repeatedly struck his girlfriend, but insisted the physical damage was overblown.


It’s complicated, but these guys do seem to have a genius for finding vulnerable girls who will see ill treatment as their own fault and then be caught in a cycle of pleasing him, being beaten, being treated well and trying to please him before it all begins again. I wouldn’t blame the poor girl here; the man involved is a disgusting human being. I devoutly hope he gets the blazes knocked out of him! :rage:


Duh Repuplikins r wagging war on wimmin



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