Techno fans?

So I just thought I’d see if anyone else out there likes any of the various forms of techno. Personally, I really like house and trance, specifically acts like Ferry Corsten, Armin Van Buuren, Tiesto, Kaskade and Deadmau5. :slight_smile:

I thought about starting a thread like this. Techno is awesome. :thumbsup:

My favorites are Dj Splash, Dj Nate, Groove courage, Dj Mangoo, Special D. There’s a few others who I like somewhat. Kind of picky in the techno I listen to. :o :slight_smile:

Check out

Christian house/trance/techno group. Lots of great mixes.

I like a lot of techno too, but most of the stuff I like tends to be on the side of chill/trip-hop. In particular, I enjoy Portishead, Zero 7, Thievery Corporation and Massive Attack. Moby, Andy Hunter, Tiesto and Oakenfold are good too. It’s good to get your dance on without worrying about lyrics.

Oakenfold and the Chemical Brothers for me and Armin too.

Great thread. I am a massive trance fan, hardly listen to anything else. My favourite DJ’s and producers are Sean Tyas, Dave202, Darren Tate, Mike Foyle, DJ Eco, Martin Roth, and many more. I also like Deadmau5, Super8 & Tab, Matt Darey, etc. I have a few podcasts I always listen to, which is a great way to explore new tracks.

To prevent this from becoming just a name dropping post, I’ll post my favourite song of the last months. Listen to it every day:

Josh Gabriel presents Winter Kills - Deep Down


Started listening to techno and dance while riding my Bicycle.
like Armin,Greg Acosta,Scooter,Kascade anything with a fast beat to match the pedaling rate.:hypno:
we are lucking to have a local radio station that does dance and techno. C89.5 and they broadcast on the web (and the station is in the high school run by the students):cool::cool::cool::cool:

Let me use this old thread to clarify something: do Americans use the term Techno as a name for the wide area of various genres of electronic music? To me, and I think to Europeans, this is kinda confusing, since we would rather use the term Electronic or Dance music. We consider Techno a particular subgenre within the wide array of electronic dance music.


I was thinking similarily to LongJohnSilver. Doesn’t techno mean it has no vocals or at least no words in the songs? How would you classify this singer

I LOVE techno. :smiley:

I just read this quote on Wiki: “Techno” is also commonly confused with generalized descriptors, such as electronic music and dance music."

So I guess that clarifies things.

Not by definition, I think there are some techno tracks that have vocals. But usually they don’t, no. This is techno for example:

How would you classify this singer

I am not sure, but I would say house or progressive house.

By the way, this is a fantastic track if you’re into vocal trance: :thumbsup:

I liked that last song you linked to LongJohn. According to Zayra the singer I posted the link to (yes, the one from Rockstar) she’s glam or glam rock. I remember before it became a semi-national network a local music video station in Los Angeles named LATV used to have a show called LATV Shadows five years ago where they would follow around musicians of varying degrees of fame for a day. On one episode Zayra was featured for her first album which was more pop-rock and traditional rock and she mentioned something about having an altar with saints that she would ask the intercession for every night. Then in the end of the show they showed her singing at a lesbian bar! :shrug: I can’t remember if they actually showed the altar or not but she did bring it up. Anyways, I thought that was a sweet gesture on her part.

Unfortunately she’s aiming way too much at the gay market with her latest material. (Both the clubs she going to perform in an L.A. are for gay men.) So I wouldn’t feel very comfortable going to see her there. I guess she figues if it worked for Lady Gaga. (No, I am not saying we should hate, beat up, threaten, make fun of, or treat gays and lesbians in a way below their dignity. No true Christian would think that way. I’m just saying going to a gay club would make me uncomfortable.) Sorry, if I bothered some of you by even bringing this up but we are talking about techno here.

Since I brought up the issue of the religious tendencies of certain musicians what do the rest of you think about Enigma? Especially the first album? According to an interview the main musician Michael Cretu is Orthodox. Their music can be really hard to interpret. And yes he lives in Ibiza!

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