Teckel and Dackel and Dachshunds, Oh My!


After we were finished mourning the loss of our last dog, my friend at the rescue called and said she had the PERFECT dog for us. A 7 year old mini Dachshund.

I’ve owned poodles, a Shiba Inu (still miss that girl) and a mutt. This little girl is so different than any other dog, closest would be the Shiba for stubbornness.

Anyway, she picked out my husband and the two of them are inseparable. All 13 lbs (she needs to lose 2-3 lbs) of little lady Löwenbräu run the house.

Any other crazy doxie people on here?


I had a friend in college who was a huge dachshund fan. She didn’t own one at the time, though I think her dog was part dachshund. (That was what the shelter said, but I think his dachshund-like features were more corgi, and he had very corgi-like ears.)

Personally, I have more experience with cockapoos and malteses due to family. Both breeds are really sweet. One of my cousins has pugs, and I love wrestling with them. I also have a fondness for pit bulls, shibas, and corgis, but that might be the Internet’s fascination with them talking. Corgis and shibas are semi-popular where I live, and I’m always amused by them.


Oh yes! Growing up, our family had two. The first only lived 7 years due epilepsy. The next had back problems. I slept on the floor with her in a sleeping bag for 2 years. Mom and dad’s next lived 13 years. I had one (again back issues) and my two sisters have each had several. One is currently 14 years old. They are gorgeous dogs, can like to bark, and are very determined. They are easy to care for as they are clean dogs, pretty much don’t shed. We’ve had black and tan, red, dapple - never a long-haired. Sweet dogs.


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