Ted Crux Asks Twitter's Jack Dorsey (Senate Hearing On Social Media)"Are You A Publisher"

Facebook has extended its ban on “political” ads past the election, and it continues to this day and beyond. Why? The election is over. It is because Facebook, like Twitter, is trying to squash information about voter fraud.

My organization routinely runs ads and boosts posts on
Facebook, either to drive policy activism or to direct traffic to our web site. Facebook has always been happy to take our money. But since November 3, Facebook has deemed ads that relate to public policy “political” and refused to run them.

Senato Hawley brought up that Twitter, Google, and Facebook interact through correspondence and ask to see the emails, etc…

The hearing was held today in the Senate on what constitutes a publisher and what can be blocked and it was very interesting… It was brought up that all three groups Twitter, Facebook and Google seem to interact with each other. I am uncertain of what that exact exchange is but hopefully some of their correspondence between the three will be subpoenaed.

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