Ted Cruz calls report of NFL playing black national anthem 'asinine'

Ted Cruz calls report of NFL playing black national anthem ‘asinine’

‘How many national anthems do we have?’ the Texas senator asked

By Ryan Gaydos | Fox News

Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, called the report of the NFL planning to play the black national anthem before games during Week 1 of the 2020 season “asinine.”

Cruz wondered in a tweet whether there were national anthems for other races.

“How many national anthems do we have??

And when is Affirmative Action coming to the NFL, let’s make sure nobody is discriminated against. Everyone is in there.


One. Just one. The Star Spangled Banner.


I read the rest of the article, is there a Hispanic National Anthem? Is there an Asian-American National Anthem?? This should do it for the NFL with me. Well, on 2nd thought, it appears only to be week one… I believe. Still, it seems to be exclusive of other groups.

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I’m hoping for a left handers’ national anthem


As a fellow “left hander” I can get with that!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:





  1. extremely stupid or foolish.

“Lydia ignored his asinine remark”


stupid · foolish · pointless · brainless · mindless · senseless · doltish · idiotic · imbecilic · imbecile · insane · lunatic · ridiculous · ludicrous · absurd · preposterous · nonsensical · fatuous · silly · childish · infantile · puerile · immature · juvenile · inane · witless ·


Here’s a few more choice synonyms describing asinine, this country needs to wake up before it descends into chaos, if it hasn’t already.


If one remains a fan, one is now an enabler, has helped push a society a little further out, to set it adrift.


What is this black nation we’ll be honoring?

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More marxism with the goal of dividing us so we fall.

Americans are black, white, and every color in between. We are the greatest country ever to have graced the planet. We are not perfect, never have been, never will be. We can learn from our mistakes and make sure we don’t repeat them.

Or we can continue to focus on our original sin, continue to let the marxists divide us, and we will fall.

And when we fall, the entire world will be in a far worse place.


No respect for the Office Of The Presidency, an insult to the “one” National Anthem, just wait, the Stars and Stripes will be next, incite riots, looting, violence, destroying statues, Christianity challenged, divide and conquer from within. Destroy the very foundations of the Republic without firing a shot, it’s all happening.


The National Anthem is a crummy song anyway. I think it would be good to mix it up. America the Beautiful. Lift Every Voice. America by Neil Diamond. Born in the USA. That would be a lot more fun.

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There is some movement to replace the star spangled banner with America the Beautiful as the national anthem. I could get behind that


I’m concerned that you might not know what Marxism is. You seem to use it to describe everything you don’t like.

Playing the Black National Anthem at a football game can’t possibly be described as Marxist. In fact, it is extremely capitalistic.

Regardless, it certainly is divisive. We are now self-segregating the very people who were once marched in DC to end segregation.

We hear the words" we are all one people" and “we shouldn’t treat people differently because of their skin color”, but see actions like “hey, let’s crank up an anthem for the black people in the audience.” The idea is idiotic.


Yes, I thought the term was “Balkanized”, this is all divisive and hopefully, cooler heads will prevail.


Every single mascot, every single song, every single emblem, every single color will be scrutinized until there will be nothing left. For pete’s sake it’s a football league and football games not brain surgery or a matter of life and death. What ever happened to getting away from all of this mess and going to a game or watching a game for the FUN of it? Every sport will get to become so watered down and so bland there will be no FUN left in any of it any more. Sad that everything has to be analyzed to death.


Progressives never saw a good time they couldn’t ruin.


I’m not disagreeing but who made Ted Cruz the spokesman for asinine things?

What makes any Senator or Congressman a spokesman for anything? You act like this is somehow out of the norm. He’s an avowed NFL fan, the idea is dumb as dirt, and he said so.

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