Ted Cruz did not disclose major bank loans during his Senate run



With this combined with his “natural born citizenship” being questioned, Cruz’s campaign may be in serious trouble.


We’ll have to see on the give and take of all of these stories to see what happens but I did see this:

Yes, Ted Cruz Did Disclose That Loan, the New York Times Just Didn’t Report It

And the loan had been reported on in the press in 2013


I’m not plugging for Cruz, I think he’s a good man, might be and probably would be a good president but at this time, I honestly don’t think he has the best experience among those running.


Hopefully this causes his campaign to crash and burn.

His wife’s connections to Goldman Sachs and his demeanor, have always had me suspicious of him, in how he throws meat to his supporters as he comes across as a just an ordinary conservative with the nation’s best interest at heart.

The reality is, Cruz is a highly intelligent lawyer who graduated at the top of his class from Harvard Law and is most likely serving his own financial interest as be puts forth a false image of himself.

I have a strong belief that he and Eric Cantor used the government shutdown to manipulate the stock market, where they made lots of money.

For me, I think he’s more like Hillary Clinton than not.

What you see is not what you’re getting.



He’s not under investigation by any law enforcement agency, he has done no wrong.

This is all speculation, let us remember not to bear false witness.


I never said he was under investigation and I didn’t accuse him of lying or committing a criminal act. :rolleyes:



But manipulating the stock market, at least, some forms of doing so, is a criminal act.


Fourteen Arrested for Market Manipulation Schemes That Caused Thousands of Investors to Lose More Than $30 Million
Two Federal Indictments Charge 15 Defendants in Plots That Fraudulently Inflated Stock Values and Laundered Profits Through Offshore Accounts



See Post #2.


Nope, Cruz and Cantor, if they did manipulate the market, it wasnot illegal. Unethical, but not illegal.

Besides, I believe other members of Congress, both democrats and republicans, would’ve taken advantage of the market falling and rising as the government shutdown caused it to do.



I cited where market manipulation was illegal.

Above is no citation where market manipulation is legal.

I doubt if such manipulation could be legal, people would lose money, it would be unethical as a congressperson as well, I would think. Some ethics violations can be prosecuted of course.

Perhaps the reasoning is Ted Cruz is married to someone in Goldman Sachs as many people are.


I think that when you win cases before the Supreme Court, that is great experience. Look at his life. The guy is a genius and a bulldog fighting for Constitutional principles. IMO, no one else with a chance of winning is nearly as competent in the political arena as Ted is. :thumbsup:


The fact is, the market did plunge when the shutdown took place and skyrocketed back up when they passed the budget, which BTW, had no change from the budget they rejected.

If you have that knowledge, as they would have, you can make a lot of money.

Cruz’s wife worked for Goldman Sachs at the time, and investment company heavily involved in the stock market.

Cantor got a multi-million dollar job from an investment firm.

Nothing they would’ve done was illegal, but they had the ability to manipulate the market, no two ways about it.



Cruz pushes back on report of undisclosed Goldman Sachs loan

Read more: politico.com/story/2016/01/cruz-campaign-goldman-sachs-loan-push-back-217743#ixzz3xFce7622


Ted manipulated the market? How? This assertion is absolutely untrue. He took out a loan and paid it back. Big deal. Even at that, Ted was outspent by his endorsed opponent David Dewhurst massively.
Isn’t is nice when you are in the establishment clique you don’t have to liquidate your assets to run for office? :rolleyes:


I didn’t say he did manipulate the market, only that I suspect he and Cantor may have.

How ? When they shut down the government, the market prices plummeted. When they passed the budge and the government re-opened, the market sky rocketed.

This isn’t the first government shut down caused by congress.

In fact, Bill Clinton shut the government down back when Newt Gingrich was speaker of the house.

Bill Clinton had a reputation for manipulating the local commodities market in Arkansas when he was governor.

Do you suppose he took advantage of the stock market prices dropping and rising when he knew it would occur ?



What does the stock market have to do with the bank loans report?

Is there not a lot of confidence in Cruz’s guilt, so the stock market story needs to be used to slam him? :rolleyes:



However, I just learned that the loan came from Goldman Sachs.

As Ted Cruz tells it, the story of how he financed his upstart campaign for the United States Senate four years ago is an endearing example of loyalty and shared sacrifice between a married couple.

“Sweetheart, I’d like us to liquidate our entire net worth, liquid net worth, and put it into the campaign,” he says he told his wife, Heidi, who readily agreed.

But the couple’s decision to pump more than $1 million into Mr. Cruz’s successful Tea Party-darling Senate bid in Texas was made easier by a large loan from Goldman Sachs, where Mrs. Cruz works. That loan was not disclosed in campaign finance reports.




I seriously doubt Cruz manipulated the market. Manipulation takes knowledge of the finincial system and an ecomic plan…he hasn’t impressed me as having either.


Very good, we know the basic details of the story.

A lot of traders with margin accounts can get such loans.


All it takes is knowing when the market will go down and go back up.

When it goes down, you buy, when goes back up, you sell.

Not rocket science.



Except when the loan is to the campaign, it must be declared.


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