Ted Cruz Dropping Out of Republican Presidential Race


Breaking news: washingtonpost.com/politics/ted-cruz-drops-out-of-the-republican-presidential-race/2016/05/03/8f955a06-0fe7-11e6-81b4-581a5c4c42df_story.html


Just heard that. Very disappointing, but not surprising.



Cruz has dropped out


You beat me to the story lol

I would of believed he would have hung in there. I wonder if he just saw it, as too toxic.


He said he left because there was no longer a path to victory. Not surprising, he ran a very good campaign. Trump simply beat him and John K is out of finance. Guess he’ll be closing up shop too?


I just listened to Ted Cruz (a man I did not vote for and would not vote for) drop out of the Republican race.

And I think he deserves our thanks and our prayers. He is clearly a man who loves this country. Would that we all remember his efforts with charity and respect.

God’s blessings to him and his family.


I am surprised, thought maybe I shouldn’t be.

Shortly after March first I started saying that Rubio and Kasich should exit and let Cruz go head to head with Trump. I guess I’m glad to see a head to head at last, even if it’s extremely late and not the people I had in mind. :o :cool:


I’m sad. I’d vote for Cruz with a clothespin on my nose but no I have no one to vote for.

Besides, I was SO looking forward to a donnybrook at the convention.


And we get what we asked for. I think many will come to regret that in the months to come.


We sometimes get what we deserve and not what we want.


How did this happen anyway? He’ll probably, safe to say surround himself with Christie, Carson, Rubio and Giuliani, and he needs a conservative platform laid out by Cleveland. He’s gonna need a lot of help now, I hope he’s open to the critique.


Americans angered themselves to this point.


This is very unfortunate. Ted Cruz was a beacon of light for America. He could have revived conservatism here. He is a true Tea Party patriot who honors the Lord. God bless him in his political journey forward.


I am not sure he has much of a political future. This political campaign was too nasty.


Hopefully this put’s an end to the mudslinging between Trump and Cruz.


I don’t know Trump spoke really highly of him and said he has a great future, he thinks Ted is mad at him which he probably is a bit from today. I could see Ted involved with this shortly. Imo he’s too smart not have him involved.


There will be no need for any further mudslinging. Trump crushed him in truth.


Will Trump be able to crush Hillary?


God bless Donald Trump for winning the nomination when there were so many arrayed against him. He has proven all of his doubters wrong and has shown that America is fed up with the status quo in this nation. I don’t know if he’ll win the general election (though I think he’ll do much better than people think) but his nomination was necessary to send a message to the political elite, no matter what the consequences.

I also have to respect Ted Cruz for doing the right thing and getting out of the race when it was clear that his time was up. He still has a future ahead of him but it was clearly not his time. I’m confident that he and Trump will make amends for all that has been said over this primary season. Cruz is smart enough to know that all of that was just politics.


I agree. I’m excited for Trump. And I think Cruz is a good man.

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