Ted Cruz has quietly, but steadily been gaining on Donald Trump


Ted Cruz has quietly, but steadily been gaining on Donald Trump: abcn.ws/1NEgMx7 abcn.ws/1NEgMx7


I’m pleased. I’m a fan and he’s been my choice from the start


God bless Ted Cruz. Although a Baptist, he is more Catholic than many of the supposed Catholic politicians.


So how do you feel that he (and Rubio) were baptized Catholic yet left the faith. I am just curious if that is a factor for people here.


Rubio now firmly identifies with the Catholic church, though he noted how he finds commonality between different Christian denominations.



I think an authentic faith is more important. If a person finds that the community and the faith outlook of a different community allows them to relate to Christ more authentically and personally, this is still a real faith.


it can be politically expedient to change your religion, especially to mormonism and evangelicalism. even newt gingrich changed his faith when it was convenient.


He did say he started going back to Mass before he decided to run for office. And yet still is a donating member of the mega-church, attending with his family.

As he was baptized a Mormon, you know he is considered to be on their roles of membership too.

This is very common, but I still wonder if it would be a factor for some people.


Now, don’t shot me…I’m only the messenger…

I’m not a voter so it makes no difference to me, but Trump or Cruz will be any easy mark to assure a Democratic victory, because Centrists, not leftist or right wingers elect presidents, and is bad as Democratic choices are this year, right or wrong, both Trump and Cruz are viewed as being too far from the center compared to the candidates of the a Democrats.


In another 10 or 20 years, can you imagine what will be considered too far right of center. When I was a kid, the most liberal Democrats in America didn’t want to be associated with homosexual rights, that was just too way out. Now many Republicans are afraid of being accused of being ant- gay bigots. The center keeps moving further to the left.


Actually, the center has remained consistant…the fringes have become increasingly diametric. In 1960, there was virtually no difference between right and left. Today neither FDR and JFK or Goldwater or Reagan would recognize or even embrace their respective party or ideology.


Agree. I just saw that Reagan’s daughter said as much in an interview with Newsweek.

“My father would be so appalled at what’s going on, and he would be so appalled at probably all of these candidates," Davis said. “I don’t think he would be a Republican. And if another Ronald Reagan came along, I don’t think the Republican Party would accept him.”



Goldwater voted against the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Today that would have put him well to the right of Trump, Cruz, Santorum, Huckabee.


But, he also warned Richard Nixon, in 1970, not to give the party over to “the weirdos”, who he came to view the neoconservative as, shortly before his death…AuH20 was in the last of the class of conservatives who were honorable statesmen rather than selfish political hacks.


On what specific issues have Republican candidates moved to the far right on ?


I have never heard that Cruz was baptized Catholic. Source, please.


That is speculation, but avoids the measure of the shift to the left in the post that you are responding to.

The shift of the culture when it comes to traditional views of sexuality, abortion and traditional marriage is undeniable.


Ted Cruz will restore sanity to government. Everyone in Washington hates the guy because he is a thorn in the side of the political establishment.


If ted is elected President, these are the agencies that will be on the chopping block:

Appalachian Regional Commission
Climate Ready Water Utilities Initiative
Climate Research Funding for the Office of Research and Development
Climate Resilience Evaluation Awareness Tool
Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
Corporation for Public Broadcasting
Corporation for Travel Promotion
Global Methane Initiative
Green Infrastructure Program
Greenhouse Gas Reporting Program
Legal Services Corporation
National Endowment for the Arts
National Endowment for the Humanities
New Starts Transit Program
Pacific Coastal Salmon Recovery Fund
Presidential Election Campaign Fund
Regulation of CO2 Emissions from Power Plants and all Sources
Regulation of Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Vehicles
Renewable Fuel Standard Federal Mandates
Saint Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation
Sugar Subsidies
Transportation Investment Generating Economic Recovery
UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
UN Population Fund
USDA Catfish Inspection Program

Also the Department of Education, Department of Energy, Department of Housing and Urban Development, Department of Commerce, and the IRS will all be shut down.

An immediate hiring freeze for federal employees in the Executive branch of Government will also be instituted. For those agencies in which it is determined that a vacant position needs to be filled, he will authorize the hiring of a maximum ratio of one person for every three who leave. Also, instead of yearly pay raises based on time in Washington, every worker will receive pay raises based on merit.

Finally, Ted will employ a commission of top executives who will root out wasteful spending on the federal level.

All of this will save the government $500 Billion annually.


I saw the statement here. It seems logical, however, that since his parents were both Catholic until they left the church that they had their child baptized as an infant. Cruz was re-baptized later as a Baptist. But here is where I saw that first.


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