Ted Cruz heckled by radical protesters in DC restaurant



more intimidation tactics


If I were a known person in DC, I would not eat out in restaurants. I would order takeout under an assumed name.
There is simply too much possibility that one of these “activists” or worse yet restaurant staff would do something to the food.


I would worry about the food. There is a reason why in my neighborhood, supporter of Republican candidates never post signs in their yards, and don’t put candidate’s bumper stickers on their cars. Interestingly enough, I see plenty of Democrat yard signs and bumper stickers, even though this is a heavily Republican county.


Very childish behaviour all round, that’s a real failure in the political dialogue that seems to be going on over there. It’s not like it has no parallels in the UK or Ireland but the idea of harassing someone just eating a meal in a restaurant because they belong to a political party I do not seems bizarre to me. I’d hope security or police would cart such people away in short order.


What is the solution to people who don’t reason but rather use violence to achieve their political ends? You can’t just let them continue to do things like this. Where were the police to forcefully drag these people out? Or why weren’t fellow patrons helping to drag those people out?


It’s a failure of the restaurant to adequately protect its customers. There are dozens of important lawmakers eating out in DC and if they think this will happen at restaurant X, they will not eat there any more.
In areas further removed from DC, such as that Red Hen business in Virginia, one doesn’t expect the restaurant to be as protective because they don’t have politicians coming in to eat nightly.


If you think it’s bad now, wait until Ginsburg retires/dies…


These people are real losers and why would a restaurant owner not intervene
and kick the people out of the restaurant
for disturbing the guests who are trying to
enjoy their meal and giving the restaurant
business? I would walk out of any restaurant that allowed someone to be
harassed who came to the restaurant
to give them their business.
Obviously, these people must have known he had a reservation and knew ahead of
time to show up.


Probably one of the staff called in their mates,
took the wrong message from what happened at the Red Hen.


Why would the owner and fellow patrons not intervene? If someone interrupted my dinner by protesting a fellow restaurant dinner I’d be happy to help remove the protestors even if they were protesting someone I didn’t like. My point is, there weren’t any men in that restaurant.


This is the Beltway, where the vast majority of people are liberal and Govt employed (direct or indirectly).


Do we have the name of the restaurant yet?
I find this behavior juvenile and another form of bullying. We have the right to
protest, but harrassing people when they are out with friends or family trying to
enjoy the evening is really low class. Like
I stated before, these people are LOSERS.


Unfortunately this may result in violence, arrests and lawsuits. It would bring more attention to the protestors and they’d love it. It’s best to just call law enforcement and let them handle it.


The solution ultimately lies with the police. Frankly I find this kind of behavior deplorable.


You make good points. And they reveal how far we’ve fallen as a culture. The idea that the ‘professionals’ handle it is contrary to American ideals. It is contrary to the true spirit of democracy. It is a consolidation of power in the hands of the state that will be abused. If a bunch of patrons can’t get together and show some miscreants the door then the miscreants have won.


Me too.
If people want to picket outside the restaurant, so be it.
If they intrude upon the patrons, then staff should intervene immediately.


No, I think it lies with people not supporting this sort of cultural protest. They need to know it’s not appropriate, different than being illegal or not.


I’m more concerned some wacko with a gun will take this to a whole new level before long…


Already happened…

And still being encouraged by at least one Democratic congresswoman


Can only help Cruz.

Stupid move if this were done or orchestrated by a Democrat.

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