Ted Cruz names Carly Fiorina as VP pick


Ted Cruz names Carly Fiorina as VP pick (CNN)


Does that mean he’s not bowing out yet? :stuck_out_tongue:


My head hurts.

Do you Republicans want a re-do yet?


Little desperate and thin but what the heck its his last card to play of a losing hand. He don’t even have a chance to win? He ought to be thanking everyone and heading home to do his job and get the kids home.


Why should he? Donald Trump has not get 1237 delegates. This race is still open and it is still possible there will be a contested convention.


I know Ab I’m just being an *** about the whole thing. I actually like Carly. :slight_smile:


I like her too.


I don’t like Carly or Cruz, but I can’t fault him for doing what he did. He’s desperate, and this was about all he could do. Trump seems poised to win Indiana as well, and then he’ll be the nominee. I now think Trump will reach 1,237 before the convention. I don’t know anything else the Republicans could do.


I agree but I do like Carly, and I would have to believe they became close in the process. She been through a lot. She can campaign on her own, shes smart a good public orator, and shes tough. Graduate from MIT and Stanford, she has impressive accomplishments in business and went through cancer.

Apparently I’m the only one who likes her here. :thumbsup:


I appreciate the fact that Fiorina battled cancer, and I feel much sympathy for her and anyone who does so, but that doesn’t make her VP material. Guiliana Rancic, a celebrity gossip TV “reporter” battled cancer, and she would probably be the first to tell you that cancer and the VP are not connected in any way.

I also appreciate her rise in the world of business from secretary to CEO, but I take issue with her handling of Hewlitt Packard, laying off so many employees and nearly forcing the company into bankruptcy. She hasn’t been able to get a job since.

Maybe I’m qualified? I’ve been though a lot, I graduated summa cun laude from tough schools, and I was made an associate professor before I had my PhD. I have never cost anyone a job and never brought a company to the brink of bankruptcy, though.

I can tell you, though, I am not qualified. Not at all.

I guess I just don’t see the allure of Carly, and I doubt Cruz does, either. I think he just did that because he believe it will garner female votes in Indiana. I don’t blame him for it. What else has the Republican Party got to do at this stage to stop Trump? Not much. Nothing, really. Frankly, I now think Trump is going to get to 1,237 before the convention. Of course it’s Trump, and he could make some horrible gaffe prior to the end of voting.

I do think Trump’s early comment about Fiorina’s face was totally uncalled for. She looks fine.


Alright, but we aren’t going to stop the primary based on that belief.


So Cruz picks a two time political loser for a running mate, in a desperate hope that women GOP voters will vote for him and her over Trump.

Ain’t gonna happen.



Agree totally! Indiana will go to Trump.


Wait a minute. Trump can’t say that women are voting Hillary only because she’s a woman, but Dems can say Cruz picked Fiorina to pick up the women’s vote?


This entire Republican race has been and continues to be like a hilariously scripted episode of Seinfeld.


Why can’t either say either ? :shrug:

Hillary in fact played the feminist card, before Super Tuesday.



Terrible choice, which will not help him at all.


Wish he had chosen Palin before she endorsed Trump.

The comic relief would’ve been better.



Because it’s very politically incorrect. I’m just pointing out that Trump didn’t get the pass to say it.


I don’t think anyone takes issue with Trump saying some women are voting for Hillary just because she’s a woman. Doubtless that is true. What is wrong is saying that she couldn’t get votes if she were a man. Well, we’ll never know about that, but I think a lot of women support Hillary for reasons other than she’s a woman.

Fiorina has no political experience. I honestly do think Cruz is trying to garner the female vote, and doubtless some women will vote for Cruz simply because Carly is a woman. Others will see much more in her,just as with Hillary.

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