Ted Cruz pulls ad featuring adult acress

Here’s the fascinating part of the article: that she considers herself a Christian conservative, and yet has no issues about her past filmography. Boggles the mind!


My metaphysics lecturer is from New York and he remarked that it is amazing how the American media is so quick to zone in, to magnify, someone’s past rather than current state of being.

Like, guys, past. Her past.

She’s not on the front page of Porn Hub today, and she is a conservative Christian.

A spokesperson for Cruz for President said: “The actress responded to an open casting call. She passed her audition and got the job. “Unfortunately, she was not vetted by the casting company. Had the campaign known of her full filmography, we obviously would not have let her appear in the ad.

This tells me his staff has never heard of IMDB or even knows how to do a Google search.

so she no longer performs in porn movies and identifies as a Christian conservative. it sounds like she is trying to turn her life around.
the person who should be ashamed is the one who recognized her from the pornagraphic movies she used to make.

As others pointed out, she might have done pornography in the past but wanted to go in a different direction later in life. People can change.

didymus. You stated:

This tells me his staff has never heard of IMDB or even knows how to do a Google search.

Recall these people who actually cast and film the commercials are hired by casting companies. Not by Cruz staff.

No casting names available (to the Cruz Campaign) for IMBD or Google = no information. on IMDB of Google.

The fact that the Ted Cruz campaign doesn’t micro-manage everything, but lets subsidiarity (or the ones closest to the issue) handle it is seen as a GOOD thing.

This is what people are counting on in GOVERNANCE too.

And when a mistake DOES come to light (like this), the Cruz campaign took over and promptly rectified the situation.

God bless.


A gal who has been in porn movies accidentally got casted for a Ted Cruz commercial by a casting firm.

This commercial was showing people’s disappointment with Marco Rubio doing the opposite of what he pledged to the voters he’d do before he was elected to the Senate.

Here is the commercial (very appropriate clean commercial! A-OK to view. No Porn or suggestion of porn in it).


The proverbial minute the Cruz Campaign found out that an actress in the commercial had a history of doing porn, the Cruz Campaign immediately pulled the ad (despite the ad having no porn overtones whatsoever, pulling it was the right thing to do).

CNN (sometimes playfully termed, “Cr**py News Network”) played the commercial while the newscasters were laughing with glee.

One of the CNN staff, insinuated that he concludes that this commercial means Senator Cruz has “issues with porn” while laughing even more (see video below at 1:10-1:23).


This comment of his has a double meaning (the CNN newscaster must have known that).

But Senator Cruz has no “issues with porn” and they know that too.

These CNN on-air personalities are professionals and things like this are almost never done accidentally in a venue like this.

You can see the CNN cast unable to hold back their glee and laughter while “reporting” this.

You can see the whole news crew is about to blurt out in laughter over this right from the beginning of the “news” segment of this (what I think is an) anti-Cruz ad, er, I mean, “news story concerning Ted Cruz” (they are especially liking this, since Senator Cruz in currently campaigning in conservative South Carolina).

The CNN “news” story is itself really a “commercial” AGAINST Senator Cruz (that falls flat in my opinion).

And the reason the CNN crew loves this story, is because they want to hurt and embarrass Senator Cruz.

And the reason they want to hurt and embarrass Senator Cruz, is who knows why.

But I’ve seen a pattern of this over the years with people who are unabashedly Pro-Family and Pro-Life such as Senator Cruz is.

But it may work against them. Why?

Because now everyone in the nation will be going to Youtube to watch the commercial for themselves.

People all over the nation will be viewing a commercial they otherwise would never have seen.

They will view this to “officiate” and to “judge for themselves” that this commercial is “above board” (no hint of pornography). And it was “above board” (there WAS no hint of pornography).

But Senator Cruz himself would NOT be aware of this, and it is almost impossible for his campaign staff to look over every hire of any business consulted.

(What if someone making the Styrofoam cups that Senator Cruz had his morning coffee in this morning from at Dunkin’ Donuts or wherever was hunting baby seals just a week ago?! And am I to think this is ALL the WORSE if Senator Cruz had this cup “on-set” with him while being interviewed at 6AM? Say it isn’t so Ted!)

The “complaints” being centered on non-issues like this, only make me look closer at a candidate (That’s it? That’s the BEST YOU GOT against this guy or gal!?? If THIS is the WORST you can paint him, then he might be pretty good.")

I don’t think this hurts Cruz at all. It probably helps him. But I do think CNN wants it to hurt Senator Cruz.

CNN puts on its “Puritan hat” against Senator Cruz (yet will likely ignore the fact that another candidate in the field has apparently owned strip clubs here]).

7 Sorrows. You said (with minor changes):

So she no longer performs in porn movies and identifies as a Christian conservative.

It sounds like she is trying to turn her life around.

The person who should be ashamed is the one who recognized her from the pornographic movies she used to make.

Thank you for bringing these good points out. Nice work and insightful comment.

Because of you and your post, I prayed for this unfortunate woman, and I also prayed for the person who MAY have “recognized her from the pornographic movies she used to make”.

Good point!:wink:

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