Ted Cruz Rips Pro-Abortion Democrats: “If You’re Litigating Against Nuns, You’re Doing It Wrong”


I think this vote was not going to pass but was just a way to gin up support from women for the so called “war on women” with the election coming up.

I still would like to know who voted for it. They need to be voted out.

“The Bill of Rights has become a partisan matter” Cruz

“When did democrats proclaim war on the Catholic Church and the Little Sisters of the Poor” Cruz.

“What has become of the Democratic party become with its radical position” Cruz

“Democratic politics does not top religious liberty” Cruz

“Extreme, radical, fringe, immoral and unjust, no place in our government, why are Democrats waging war on the Catholic Church” Cruz

“Blatant assault on religious liberty”

We haven’t changed the Bill of Rights in 200 years, now in not the time to start! Clinton and the Kennedy’s all confirm. Where are they now Cruz wants to know?

Nice speech. I am not with Ted Cruz on some issues, but he did an excellent job of presenting the absurdity of this particular bill.

Fully 56 senators voted for this evil. It needed 60 votes to pass, over the filibuster threat.

Roll call at:


This was just a proceedural vote to determine if it would go up for debate and a vote. Voting for closure doesn’t necessarily mean they support the bill. Even if it made it out of the Senate, it would have never been brought up in the House.

Partisan legislation dies a quick death when power is split in Congress. I rather like it that way.

That was great, thanks for sharing. It’s crazy that the democratic party has seen this magnitude of shift in a mere twenty years…

Maybe if we see it as a fruition of what was seen as progressivism and those who sowed those seeds, radicals from the '60s, then maybe it isn’t that difficult to see.

Oh, it’s not difficult to follow the path, it’s still crazy though.

Peace and All Good!



Ted Cruz is great! :slight_smile: It’s really too bad he’s not president.

I think this vote was not going to pass but was just a way to gin up support from women for the so called “war on women” with the election coming up.

The only “war on women” I know about is the one against persons like Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann, Stacey Dash and Michelle Malkin. :yup:

I still would like to know who voted for it. They need to be voted out.

Even at the mostly faux expense of farm, wind & ethanol subsidies and looking cool in front of friends? :eek: :o :blush:

Totally agree. I can’t even recognize the Democratic Party anymore. They’ve lost their minds. Even Hillary and Bill are pulling back from Obama.

And, while I am also suspicious of Ted Cruz, some of the things he says and does are just fantastic. This is a good example.

Some interesting facts on this vote:

2 Republicans voted in favor of this: Senator Susan Collins from Maine voted in favor it along with Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska and Senator Angus King Independent from Maine voted in favor it.

However Senator Harry Reid voted against this bill!!!

Harry Reid’s No vote is simply a procedural matter. He votes no in order to be able to bring the bill up for cloture vote again. Here is an article that explains the procedure.


from the article:

As Sarah Binder, a Senate rules expert at George Washington University, told me, it’s not that the majority leader has to vote no. It’s that somebody on the winning side of the cloture vote — in this case, the side voting against cloture — has to file a “motion to reconsider” if the matter is to be taken up again.

Ah okay. See this Canuck learns something new every day on CAF!!:thumbsup:

I love CAF :heart: I always pick up a new tid bits of information here. :thumbsup:

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