Ted Cruz’s Support Softens Among the Delegates He Courted


Even as Donald J. Trump trounced him from New Hampshire to Florida to Arizona, Senator Ted Cruz could reassure himself with one crucial advantage: He was beating Mr. Trump in the obscure, internecine delegate fights that could end up deciding the Republican nomination for president.

“This is how elections are won in America,” Mr. Cruz gloated after walking away with the most delegates in Wyoming last month.

Now, as he faces a potentially candidacy-threatening contest on Tuesday in Indiana — where a new NBC News/Wall Street Journal/Marist poll, released Sunday morning, showed him trailing Mr. Trump by 15 percentage points — Mr. Cruz can take little solace from his vaunted delegate-wrangling operation even if he prevails there.

It turns out that delegates — like ordinary voters — are susceptible to shifts in public opinion. And as the gravitational pull of Mr. Trump’s recent primary landslides draws more Republicans toward him, Mr. Cruz’s support among the party’s 2,472 convention delegates is softening, threatening his hopes of preventing Mr. Trump’s nomination by overtaking him in a floor fight.



If enough Republican delegates can be swayed to pick someone like Donald Trump as their nominee, this lifetime Republican voter will see the party as dead to me.


I may have told you my motto before (I know I’ve told some) but let me say it again: Never Democrat!


The party has been dead for some time. They have been the “loyal opposition” to the dems for a decade. Trump is just burying it and putting something new in it’s place.


Not surprising, people prefer to be associated with someone they perceive as a winner. Cruz doesn’t look like one, Trump does.


Well, people need to be practical. I’m no fan of Trump (fun to begin sentences that way isn’t it?) but if I were running for office, I would be pretty careful not to say anything that would annoy Trump voters (I mean, not just those people who voted for him in the primary, but also those who voted against him but plan to vote for him in the general) too severely.

I might not say quite what Gov Pence said, but something in that vicinity.




Ted Cruz’s image among members of his own party is plummeting.

Gallup is in the field every day asking a battery of questions, including how people feel about the 2016 candidates. Those results are then averaged over seven days, offering some insight into how candidates are viewed.

John Kasich’s net favorability — the number of people who view him positively minus the number who view him negatively — has stayed relatively flat over the past three weeks. The numbers for Donald Trump have improved slightly. But Cruz’s sank, then rose, and then, from around April 20 on, plummeted.

See graph here:

Article here:


Rubio: Trump’s ‘Performance Has Improved Significantly’

Marco Rubio may be warming to Donald Trump. In an interview with the Palm Beach Post, Rubio praises the Republican frontrunner.

“On the Republican presidential race, which Rubio dropped out of last month after losing the Florida primary to Donald Trump, Rubio reiterated that he’s not making an endorsement but will support the Republican nominee in the general election. He said Trump’s ‘performance has improved significantly’ in recent weeks,” reports the Palm Beach Post.

Rubio, it appears, only somewhat tepidly defended Ted Cruz. “Asked about former House Speaker John Boehner recent description of Ted Cruz as ‘Lucifer in the flesh,’ Rubio said: ‘I don’t have any comment on it except I don’t think Ted Cruz is Lucifer.’”


Nicely done. We may avoid a Clinton White House yet…


I don’t want Trump for president, though worse things could happen like Cruz as president, but I am grateful that Trump has exposed how fed up Americans are with Washington “business as usual.” If politicians are smart, they will actually try to help the people now instead of simply voting themselves huge pay raises. Both parties are to blame.

Isn’t that the gist of what Gov. Pence said? I didn’t hear it all.


Cruz was never my favorite person or my first choice for president. But I don’t think the GOP will be very happy when Hillary Clinton is the president.

Live and learn I guess.


What I mean by that last sentence is, Pence really seemed to bend over backwards to keep everyone happy. I think other GOP politicians need to do likewise, if they want to stay in office, but maybe not quite to the extreme that Pence took it.


This is not surprising, and it’s only going to get worse if Cruz loses Indiana tomorrow, which is looking increasingly likely. I think Trump will reach the 1,237 mark with a comfortable margin, especially if you take into account unbound delegates that don’t vote until the convention. I’m not convinced that Kasich is going to be competitive in New Mexico, Oregon, and Washington, given that he’s still getting beaten by the ghost of Marco Rubio. Cruz’s support might even wane enough in states like Montana and Nebraska that Trump can take those as well. The 51 delegates from New Jersey are a lock for Trump, and he’ll certainly win most of California’s 172 delegates as well. If you look at the calendar and do the math, it’s a done deal for Trump getting the nomination.


I’m beginning to think that the GOP is not educable.


One can only hope.


That seems a little harsh.:frowning: I just think they’re out of touch, if they think Donald Trump can be the POTUS.


Here I disagree with you. Donald Trump can beat Clinton. He polls better in Clinton stronghold states than in traditional Republican strongholds. Clinton is a tainted candidate. If the Dems were smart, they’d put Sanders on the ticket.

This election is a real toss up. Any of the four can compete for the presidency.


I hope most of the delegates support a Tea Party conservative like Cruz instead of a populist like Trump. The Tea Party is more in line with the GOP platform instead of populism.


The rules will give the nomination to Trump, almost certainly. He has less than 40% of the votes thus far but more than 50% in delegates. I guess it is a rigged system. :frowning:


If Clinton can’t beat Trump then I have seriously underestimated her – and that’s really saying something!

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