Ted Haggard scandal


Rev. Ted Haggard pastor of New Life church in CO and head of the National Association of Evangelicals has been accused of being involved in a homosexual relationship with a male prostitute. His congregation is investigating the accusation. As of yet there is no conclusion. This should prove interesting.




I second that why? Because he is an evangelical? He is human just like the priests. People sin. Hopefully if it is true he will come to repentence and move away from that sin.:thumbsup:


I think it terribly sad. Poor man. Anyone can fall into serious sin–it’s no occasion to gloat. :tsktsk:


Although I dislike Haggard, I do believe that the claim about a homosexual relationship should be viewed with skepticism.


Oh no, protestants just dont do this sort of thing…

Its a Catholic problem after all :wink:


Why is it possibly interesting? Well having born the brunt of evangelicals telling me that Catholicism is false because of scandal or that it’s all the fault of celibacy I am interested in how they will respond now. Of course he may be innocent. But they are awfully quick to jump on the anti-Catholic bandwagon. Ted himself has a bit of a history of anti-Catholicism. If he ends up being guilty the evangelicals may find it harder to beat us with this stick.


Haggard was very influential in the anti-homonsexual marriage ammendment. He worked tirelessly to lobby Washington to stop homosexual marriage. The homosexual accuser said he has envelopes of money and voicemails of Haggard but would not turn any of it over. This could easily be a bitter homosexual man accusing Haggard falsely to humiliate him as a means of revenge for Haggards anti homosexual marriage stance.

Enemies of Christian’s don’t care about Catholic, evengelical, charismatic etc… That’s an inner Christian squabble. It’s all hypocritical Christians to them, so no, I get absolutely no pleasure out of this at all. If true, this guys abhorrent actions humiliates and scandalizes all Christians, not just evengelicals. A man in his position to do so much damage CAN NOT behave this way, it’s too damaging to so many millions of Christians worldwide.


Wow, just wow. I’m nearly at a loss for words.

Some man’s life is destroyed by sin, and you think it’s noteworthy because now other christians won’t be able to make fun of you on the basis that some small number of priests have been caught raping children.

Now I see how you really view all those victims of “Islamic aggression”: They’re just points you use to “beat muslims with that stick.” The depth of the personal tragedy involved is just a byline.


Submitted by Eugmc on Thu, 2006-11-02 19:49.
This is not what the GOP needed this late in the race as Reverend Ted Haggard has resigned as president of the National Association of Evangelicals


if this is a news article it should be posted on that forum with the proper link and title, per forum rules. if it is gossip it should not be here at all.



Just so the thread doesn’t get shut down and the OP doesn’t get an infraction out of ignorance.


pro, you have used that “stick” yourself against us. But what Ted possibly did is nothing compared to enslaving and crucifying children or hacking the heads off teenagers. You have equally astonished me by your consistant defense of any and every Islamic atrocity


Why did Mr. Haggard resign??


I don’t know of anyone (except maybe some silly fundamentalists) who has said anything like this.

But two points are in order here:

  1. If the accusation is true, then Mr. Haggard is guilty of serious sexual immorality but *not *of violating and abusing innocent young people, which for most people is the real horror of the “priest scandals.”

  2. His congregation is acting quickly to discipline him, because he is accountable to his congregation. There is no hierarchy with the power to cover things up and transfer him to another congregation. And that, for most people, is the second thing that horrifies them about the Catholic scandals. We know that clergy from all churches (all churches of significant size and duration, that is) have committed horrible sins at some point. But the lack of accountability between clergy and laity in the Catholic Church exacerbated the abuses many times over. Protestant churches tend to behave the same way. It’s not that we are more righteous than you. It’s that we have accountability structures that make it *relatively *harder to shuffle abusive clergy around.



Why because he is married and has kids…you do know that the old NJ Governonr was gay and married twice and had kids…makes no difference many gays hide behind a marriage becuase they are afraid to “come out”


I would doubt it becuase he accuser has provied evidence only that the Minister bought drugs form him In fact the accuser admits he made the accusations now for political reasons.


My understaning is he hasnt resigned-he has stepped down pending a reivew by the Church’s governing board.


I read on CNN that Haggard completely denied EVER using drugs, so if he now admits that, then he is a liar simple as that and no other denials can be looked at without scrutiny:


Forgive me if I get graphic, but the drug in question is methamphetamine, methamphetemine has been big news in NYC because of the spread of AIDS in the gay community. Methamphetemine is commonly used in homosexual encounters which reduces one inhibitions so protection is not used, and lets them have prolonged sexual encounters. Is this evidence of a homosexual relationship? No it isn’t, but it isn’t evidence against it, and sure doesn’t help credibility.

“I’ve never had a gay relationship with anybody. I’m steady with my wife. I’m faithful to my wife,”

Haggard also denied the allegations of drug use Wednesday. “I have never done drugs, ever – not even in high school,” he told KUSA.

So if he outright denied drug use and a homosexual relationship, what then is the partial confession to some of the allegations?

“There has been some admission of indiscretion, not an admission to all of the material that has been discussed, but there is an admission of some guilt,” said Parsley, the New Life Church associate senior pastor.

It’s not adding up for this guy. And forgive me if I’m coming off judgmental but I’m so sick of these Christian leaders, it doesn’t matter if it’s Catholic, Evangelical, Episcopalian or what, making us look like hypocrites and fools. I’m just so sick of Christianity being so scandalized by these wolves in sheeps clothing.


Do you have a source for that? I didn’t see anything about the accuser admitting making the accusations for political reasons.

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