ted haggard sex thing was


Handled very well. I am very impressed! I wish the RCC could have handled their scandal in an upright fashion like that.


Surely it having been handled so well will take away a bit of the smiting power some Catholics were hoping to get from it in future exchanges with Protestants over priestly sex abuse cases.

It seems that some around here were hopeful that it would provide a tool for them to use in such discussions. They could say, “Well, what about Ted Haggard, huh?”

It looks now as though the “Fundamentalists” will be able to say, “Well at least we didn’t hush it up with cash and shame and shuffle him off to a different church”


I agree - it was handled well.

But don’t for a second think that all cases of sexual misconduct are handled this way. I attended a Protestant Church where one of the married assoicate pastors was having an inappropriate relationship with a minor (I believe she was 15.) She finally told her parents, he was fired & no one was told a word about it other than to please pray for him. All covered up. He moved & after a short while, he began a ministry all over again…and our Pastors knew this. When the girl became an adult, she filed a lawsuit which is how it all came to light.

So… bottom line… there are cover ups all over. Not just in the Catholic Church. :frowning:


But the RCC is the light of the world. the fullness of the truth. I am not trying to be sarcastic but if we are all of those things than how we deal with scandal should be the leading edge of the sword against such behaviours.


A link would have helped.


People are lazy and stupid. We think that just because we are part of the Church Jesus founded we have it made.

We think that just because Jesus founded the Catholic Church that we can just sit back and it will take care of itself.

We judge non-catholics as inferior even though many are sincere people who just have been misinformed and even lied to about Catholicism, heck even by Catholics who keep them out of the Church.

What percentage of parishioners in a Catholic Church each week invite their friends to join them at worship? I went to RCIA a couple weeks ago and based upon the presentation, I would be crazy to want to become Catholic.

The Catholic Church is perfect, yet we people do so much to keep it hidden away and looking bad it is disgusting. I love the Catholic Church and pray each day to properly represent it. It is admirable how other groups such as evangelicals\Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormons, etc work so hard to share their faith, be a good example and many times out-do Catholics in public relations even when we are the one Church Jesus founded, we make it look like garbage.

We need to look at ourselves and see how to change our own personal behavior to better reflect the truth of Jesus.

God Bless


Ted Haggard is a drug addict. period.
Ted Haggard is a homosexual. period.

An upright fashion? Oh please…no one would of found out if not the media.
It was predicted that Satan would enter our churches, this is unfortunately the result.


he is also a child of God who is fallen.


Wow, how charitable of you.

Very Christlike.


In a better world, Ted Haggard would acknowledge his bisexuality, never married his wife, and lived an honest life.

In a better world, Christianity and the resulting money would not have been such a rich career path. Sad how money changes everything.

In a better world, Mr Haggard would not have to take meth to give himself permission to have to sex with another man.

I’m openly gay. I live with my partner. And we both get hit on when we go on line by married men looking for for a hook up. Married guys are on Craig’s List, on all the gay chat channels, on MySpace, everywhere on the internet. Also married guys are in the gay bars. They are looking for sex in the gym locker rooms. They are soliciting us in the bathrooms.

My partner and I are middle aged men. We don’t ask for this. We carry all the joys and burdens of being openly gay. One of the burdens is dealing with married men who want to have sex with us. Or actually just to hold another man.

Of course I feel sorry for them. I’m sorrier more for their wives and children. Especially when colleagues figure that unburdening themselves to me would help them. I always say “get (secular) counseling” and “tell your wife.” Counselers familiar with current scientific research can give the married men a basis to make some decisions. And telling their wives is simply what they owe them.


I have found this to be true as well! I have been hit on by married men before. It’s repulsive to think that (a) they’re cheating and (b) they’re not out of the closet and being honest with their spouse. It really goes to show how incredibly repressed some men are about being gay. However, I know what it is like to be in there. But to marry someone when you know that you’re not attracted to them AND cheat on them? Talk about trying to have it both ways……

Sadly, closeted homosexuals are suspected to have a major hand in the startling and increasing number of HIV/AIDS related cases in women. Married men, much like Haggard, are cheating on their wife with men, getting infected and bringing it home to the wife.

However, I do question how long this would have gone on had Mike Jones not said anything. I guess we’ll never know. I have read books about this and some married men go for years cheating on their wife with other men. Very scary.

But as Steadfast put it, we need to be very charitable at this time. This must have been quite a sobering experience for that man. His parishioners have shown so much forgiveness and support to him. It’s really touching. I wish there was more of that in the world.


We shouldn’t be looking at the scandal itself, but actually what we can do to call the people of the NAE closer to the Catholic Church. Oftentimes I have been ridiculed by members of this organization who say that our Catholic priests are nothing but homosexuals. This should be a defining point which should be used to unite us closer all together in christ rather than drawing slanderous accusations against each other.


That’s correct. Jesus our Lord commanded: love your neighbour as yourself. A popular adage often attributed to St Augustine of Hippo is “hate the sin, love the sinner”. We must have ecumenical dialogue with homosexuals and try to heal their disease.


How in the world was this handled very well? The guy is a drug user and an active homosexual. The guy resigned as President because he was found out, he was caught. A Priest cannot resign from the priesthhood. Once a priest always a priest.

There are so many other ministers and/or pastors from protestant churches that also commited these awful acts of sexual abuse. No one is perfect and certainly no church is perfect in the sense of the people in the church.

You are so biased about the Haggard scandal. You are being sarcastic.

Things in the Catholic Church are changing as far as how sexual abuse matters are being handled.

Satan was to enter into God’s Church. He has from the very beginning. Jesus knew that Judas was going to betray Him yet He didn’t kick Judas out. He let Judas eat with them at the last supper.


And the priests who do this aren’t children of God?

If it wasn’t for Catholic Priests we would not have Jesus here present with us right now. You have no idea what our Catholic Priests mean to us. We should all pray for our Priests.


Thanks for the link.


I took the “handled well” comment as that instead of shuffling a pedophile preist from one parish to another with hopes of covering up the dirty mess, the church counsel in this case began an investigation immediatley and asked that Haggard not return as pastor. I know “once a preist always a preist,” but there is a place for preists that commit crimes such as molesting children and that IS NOT back in rotation at another parish. :nope:


chill out. I am not talking about how ted handled it. I am talking about how his church handled it. I am not talking about all of protestantism, just his church governance.


I never said that they weren’t. I was appealing to the poster to have a little charity.

what the heck is your problem?


yes, it is called prison. God forgive you, but you must pay the penalty owed to society. That cardinal should be in prison too. think about the countless lives that are screwed up forever because of his actions. again, God forgive him now go to jail.

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