Ted Strickland steps into controversy by cheering the timing of Justice Antonin Scalia's death


CLEVELAND, Ohio – Former Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland, a Democratic Senate candidate, has apologized for cheering the timing of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia’s death.

“My friends,” the former governor said Monday at an Ohio AFL-CIO event in the Cleveland area, "a lot of average citizens out there don’t understand the importance of that court.

“I mean, the death of Scalia saved labor from a terrible decision,” Strickland continued, as his audience clapped and laughed. “And I don’t wish anyone ill, but it happened at a good time, because once that decision had been made it would have been tough to reverse it.”



Jeepers! I suspect he won’t get hear any critical remarks from fellow Dems.


Disgusting. Justice Antonin Scalia was a wonderful Catholic who believed in living out his faith. His son is a wonderful Catholic Priest.

Total disgrace.


But he has a big ol’ D behind his name, so he’s really a nice guy. I mean everyone knows that only Republicans are mean and nasty.

I’m glad he apologized, but it sad that people laughed and clapped about the the political advantage from his death.


No Trump supporter can afford to be critical of the senator’s gaffe. Since I am not a Trump supporter, I can be critical. It was a poor choice of words, not to mention demeaning to the memory of Justice Antonin Scalia.


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