Teen attacked for wearing MAGA hat




I’m not surprised that this is happening. However, had the perpetrator been overpowered or the victim retaliated, this story would have been very different.

It would have read, “Rabid Trump Supporter Attacks Concerned Citizen”. That man would have said he was just trying to have a conversation about politics. Nevermind the part about throwing his drink at someone or attempting to steal their hat.


The reminds me of the Jackie Robinson biopic - “42”. Watch it on Netflix if you haven’t seen it.

The President of the club repeatedly has the discussion with him that Jackie can’t respond when he is provoke, as the press will blame any fight on Jackie and not the instigator.


Makes me want to buy a MAGA hat and wear it even though I don’t like hats. Was there no real adult around to confront the ‘man’?

Also the Democrats keep creating great content for political ads. Ripping a kid’s hair out while stealing his hat is political gold. Of course this is only for the moderates. The hardcore Democrats believes in outright killing of the young.




Maxine Waters told them to ‘Push Back’.


It certainly is a concern that people are enculturated to hate Trump and take it out on his supporters.

It is a tactic which may garner votes but inevitably leads to violence.


You can get one in the gift shop of Trump tower. Or Mar-a-lago.

I don’t know if you can get them online from Trump.com.

Other ones might not be authentic MAGA.


that is exactly what I was thinking.
this man was following Maxine Waters’
i am glad they happened to get a video.
i wonder what the man said before stealing the cap and throwing the soda.
i hope the teen files charges.

the man was probably hoping the teen would follow him outside and have a further altercation trying to get his cap back.


This video has been seen 2 million times. Clear picture of his face. Someone has to know him.



Red hat, or white one?


Any thoughts on whether this may be a reaction to Maxine Waters call (or Mike Moore) or just life as usual?


I think it’s a reaction to fact that SCOTUS could shift balance. I think a lot of the left is just now waking up to this.


Trump is trolling them too. Easy to manipulate.


SCOTUS has had a conservative majority for like 50 years lol, what are you on about


hope they get to the bottom of it.
the 3 teens did not appear to be troublemakers, but, hopefully, they will get reliable witnesses and get their stories.

if the teens were provoking others with racist comments, then it will be a new story.

i am surprised the man has not come forward though if that was the case.


Wow! !! So we really need this kind of call to violence in CAF?


i think imachine is referring to the witness who said teens were making racist comments before the man stole the teen’s cap and threw the drink in his face.

best to wait until police conclude their


Hunter Richard, a 16-year-old teenager from Texas, says he was attacked at a Whataburger restaurant because he was wearing a Make America Great Again (MAGA) hat.

The man in the video is allegedly named Kino Ahuitzotl Jimenez. A now deleted page said Kino Jimenez was affiliated with the Texas Green Party. However, the party has now kicked him out as a result, an official told Heavy. “Police said a suspect is in custody, but the victim, Hunter, will need to meet with them to positively identify the person,” News4 San Antonio reported.

However, San Antonio police told Heavy, “We will not confirm anything because this investigation is active and on-going. The suspect in this case has not been arrested. Per the Attorney General of Texas the report is not public because it identifies a minor.” . . .

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