Teen attacked for wearing MAGA hat


Trump continues to own the news cycle!!!

Ex-CNN Producer: Jim Acosta Gives Journalists ‘Bad Name’ with MD Shooting Antics

some people really need to get a grip if this hat makes them unhinged.


I am going to admit this is venturing into speculation…but compare the mug shot of 2017 to the recent video of the guy. He looks much thinner. I think this was either some kind of roid rage or diet pill induced behavior. The article says he worked at a bar. Was he a bouncer?


Racist comments in today’s world mean simply supporting Trump. The word racist has lost all meaning. But, even if the kids did make racist comments that doesn’t excuse a man for theft and hurting the kid.


I was actually surprised that a CNN commenter would actually openly support the criminal and berate the innocent kid because HE THINKS a MAGA hat “conjures racism” etc.! (At least OPENLY. I suspect the proverbial mouse in the corner at the CNN “news” room gets an “earful” of this kind of talk daily).

CNN commentator Marc Lamont Hill also condoned an attack, saying on twitter “MAGA hats (deliberately) reflect a movement that conjures racism, homophobia, xenophobia, etc. So yes, it’s a little harder to feel sympathy when someone gets Coca Cola thrown on him.”

(Cowboy hat tip to robertmidwest for giving me this link here)


You were surprised even after all we’ve seen? The Brownshirts aren’t joking when they say having certain political opinions entitles them to hurt and destroy you.


exnihilo . . .

You were surprised even after all we’ve seen?

Guilty as charged.

I’ll try not to make THAT mistake again. The mistake of underestimating the distain some like this guy has for U.S. citizens (even youth) who show open support for our President.


Once again, it’s historical inaccurate and just plain dumb to refer to Brownshirts in this conversation. There’s no paramilitary organization at play here. You just wind up sounding exceptionally naive.


Kind of like comparing Trump to Hitler or US immigration policy to Nazi concentration camps?


When did I do either?


Not here. But is a paramilitary force and just like the Brownshirts. That is what I’m referring to.


What? How is it a paramilitary force?


They are organized and show up to disrupt opposition speech, intimidate and assault. They come armed.


Who comes armed?


Antifa comes armed.


I have two of them, but I don’t show up.


Again, what? This thread isn’t about Antifa.


Where did I say you did?


I’m not sure why you mentioned them in response to my post then.


A deeper analysis on the CNN Commentator that I discussed earlier.

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