Teen called 911 three times before a Chicago cop shot him - [Chicago Tribune]


**Teen called 911 three times before a Chicago cop shot him **

CHICAGO — Quintonio LeGrier called 911 three times on the morning after Christmas to seek help from Chicago police shortly before he was shot and killed by an officer who responded to his father’s West Side residence, according to newly released recordings by the Independent Police Review Authority.

“I need to talk to an officer,” LeGrier, 19, identifying himself only as “Q,” told a dispatcher. “Someone’s threatening my life.”

Minutes later, LeGrier was fatally shot by Officer Robert Rialmo outside his father’s residence after allegedly swinging a baseball bat at the officer. Bettie Jones, 55, another resident in the building, was fatally shot by the same officer in what police have called an accident.


Okay, so we have heard about this shooting before but this now seems to be updated version.


This story sounds terrible - all the attempts to request police and no response. Another resident dead as well. Questions.


I still believe police abuse their authority. Dispatch should have sent additional resources.

This would be the case were body cameras would have helped.


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